Meeting Notes Feb 11, 2012

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Mark – Facilitating, Katie – Notes, Jen – Stack, Danny – Time


Intros – Mark Hannay, T Christopher, St Vincent’s Group, Robert Social Worker, Martin Morand Rekindling Reform, union mvmnt, Jennifer, Danny ER Doc, Heloise, Quaker, Ryan just moved to NY this week, Josh STarcher HCN HC99%, Mark Paretns for OWS, Judy Wessler, SOSC, Alec Pruchniki, PNHP, Katie Robbins, Jason (Columbia Student), Meir HC99% and HCN NYC, Stacy, Sam – PNHP, – new joiners – Jason Slotkin – Columbia Univ – Doing a story on HC99% – Woman from Germany – Matt Anderson Medical Support Committee – Sandy Turner – PNHP / Medical Support – Kiara – RN – Lih Medical Suport Team /PNHP – Laurie Wen


Updates –


Parents for Occupy Wall Street – Mark – Getting warmer soon, we’ve been around since Oct or so, It will get easier to get more people out, some sort of actions to take, we’ve talked about it and hc is #1 or #2 after education. We have some numbers that we can help out with to turn out for.


FTT – Josh – Will be held at LGBT Center on 2/27 – a Teach-in on the Financial Transaction Tax – which is a quarter of 1% of stock and bond trading would generate $350 billion in the economy.  We are working to get speakers – soon we could really start using help with flyering and outreach and things like that.  Send suggestions for speakers to Josh.


Jen talks about plans for March activities – goal is to have 1 action every day in Z Park – reaching out to working groups to commit to one day a week of 2x a month or more if you can do more – we would be the primary planners to show up in support and solidarity –


Report Backs –


Occupy Town Square –Heloise – I was there from 1 – 7 and there were a lot of people that came by and took flyers, people spread out all over the church in different rooms, 30 or 40 people tabling and then a crowd coming and going


Katie talked about photo petition – it’s on FLICKR – awesome and fun to do –


Teach-In on Universal Healthcare – Sam – It was kind of an intro to the issue. HC99 and PNHP and a few other folks organized a teach-in on the route to Universal HC in NYS – Steve introduced the issue, and then there was discussion on the policy – talk about the ACA – and also questions about managed Medicare and how that will unfold. Assemblyman Gottfried whose bill is in the NYS for single-payer spoke for a bit. Total 50 people there.  Laurie filmed.


City Hall – T– Thank you to HC99% for participating in the event. I have been in two groups Hands Off St Vincents, Coalition for St Vincent’s Hospital. We planned to go after City Council and Quinn for the decision on St Vincent’s being turned into Luxury Condos – Contracted with LIJ to put in a freestanding ER. If someone is seen there they will go to Lenox or the hospital in Long Island. The process is a ULUP process in City Council right now.  Coalition planned a drop to City Council with 20,000 signatures to all the members. We were refused entrance to 250 Bway to get the message to the members.


Katie commended all the groups for the hard work they have done in the face of the Hospital Closings – also stated that HC99% is in solidarity with all the groups that are working on this issue, not one over another.


Josh – Mic Check during the speak out was used to speak disparagingly about an individual – HC99% isn’t taking any sides, we want folks to work together.


Quinn Action – T– Anti-Quinn group – emails go out about where Quinn will be and we show up with our specific messages – talks about her relationship to BBerg, Slush fund, etc. Hands Off St Vincent was there to bring up this issue.




Current Ongoing Actions:


Judy Wessler – BK Hospitals – Everybody knows that there was a Committee of the Medicaid Redesign Team because of financial stats of the hospitals in Brooklyn –The Berger Committee report – btw that CIR did a look at the methodology and found very serious errors – for example – they counted certified beds as opposed to staff beds, and they counted some and not others to throw the whole things off – this is important because based on the data they recommended 1200 hospital beds be closed. This is part of the Save Our Safety Net Campaign. The latest on that is that their recommendations to merge hospitals (remember when St Vincent’s merged and threw everything under the bus) – Brooklyn Hospital with a Level 1 Trauma and lots of Ambulator Ctrs would merge with Kingsbrook Hospital.


This past Fri, the gov put up $450 million on state level for hospitals that if a hosp or nursing home was doing restructure, closing, or merging that they could access these dollars. We tried really hard to get that 2/10 changed, so the proposals went in. SOSC worked with a number of the elected officials in BK to get a forum together than included all of the hospitals as well as SUNY Downstate (SUNY Downstate would move to Long Island – totally diff community) and close Kingsboro Psych Ctr and ppl would have to go to SI.


We got the hospitals and the elected officials and unions and community groups together a week ago Friday to insist on a planning process with people to figure out not just what should happen in regards to the community’s needs.


Health Equity Institute at CUNY will do a needs assessment in the area.  It has been very difficult to get community people out on this. Often it’s when they announce it is going to close when the community comes out, which is too late.


Tim – this is what we’ve been talking about – ST V is the first domino. Business side of the hospitals motivating these decisions.


Jdy – Medicaid, or uninsured are the predominant patients at the hospitals targeted to close. They are all so called non-profit.  Medicaid reimbursements have been cut every year. Wycoff, Interfaith, Brookdale, Brooklyn and Kingsbrook, most of them have a population that looks more like a public hospital than a private.


The Gov has talked about using this as a model for the rest of the state.


SOSC meeting tomorrow to talk about next steps – myself or Alyssa will return next week to talk more about next steps.


Alec talks about the decline in hospital beds and how we need them, not just the need to cut the number of beds.


Danny – the info is meant to confuse people. Went to school at SUNY Downstate We have a lot of contacts. Maybe we should react to every little Berger report because it is meant to confuse people.


Mark – one of the recommendations was to allow for profit investors to invest in hospitals to “save them” and to talk about the concept of healthcare elitism where some neighborhoods are way overbedded and others that don’t have access to that and are seeing those medical facilities closed.


Judy – don’t just support SUNY Downstate – need to look at other hospitals and communities they serve too. We’d love to have you attend the meeting tomorrow at 4pm.


Meir – we should start planning some good actions. I’d love to have a brainstorming action – about this. I hope that we are talking about doing more than saving the hospitals. The system that is stressing these hospitals still exists with healthcare segregation or apartheid exists in any neighborhood.


Heloise – add in the single-payer message


FLIP BOARD- Jen – Doodle poll on top 10 faves. Discussion on how to make decisions on a more complex way –


Decision: Allowing the outreach subcommittee to make the decision on phrasing for the flip  board and we will send it to the whole group. If there is any disagreement in the subcommittee we will go to the whole group


Infographics – We were contacted by OWS Design Group to send – what are some things you would like to see in the design – key statistics or facts – you may have seen in a chart that could be designed better for it. Haven’t received a lot. Email Meir


Alec – Make a map of the 5 boros and why keep hospitals open in Manhattan where bed to person ration is 3x as in BK or Qns.


F 29 – Katie reported on discussion at planning meeting for F 29 with direct action earlier that day. The group there decided to limit target due to capacity concerns to just Bank of America main building near Bryant Park. There was discussion on Pfizer, but the discussion didn’t focus on that because of the decision made by the group. Goal of the day is to educate about ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) that develops horrible right wing legislation and systematically gets it introduced on the state level.


Pfizer – started in Brooklyn. Particularly NYC story angle. So do banks.


One reason why Pfizer was picked as a target is that global hq is in NYC – 42nd and 2nd ave – so that was one reason shy it was picked. There wasn’t that much interest within Pfizer – maybe disrupt or bring attention to Pfizer.


Josh – I want to make sure that whatever we plan wouldn’t want to take away energy from the main day –


It’s being planned as part of the escalation for May Day. Stacy will bring it up if there is interest.


Laurie – Also, WellPoint is right across from Z Park.


Judy – ALEC is new to me. Very intriguing – if it’s possible to make a really good connection to help people understand their role and how horrible they are.


Mark – There is a counterpart org – Progressive States Network based in NYC.


ALEC is having a conf in mid-july in St Louis.  Very much funded by corporations – whole operation that is really starting to bare fruit – maybe we want to think about how to deal with it – maybe do more research about what they are saying about healthcare.


Danny – likes to support OWS action –If BOA is target, then we should go and make the argument  “why is HC99% protesting against a bank” – that’s where we should be and engage people


Laurie- I also feel torn, maybe this isn’t the time – maybe for another action we could have a similar action to the Occupy Boston groups that gave a Mock Award of Excellence for Denying Healthcare to People to Karen Ignani. HA!


Meir – Where is BOA? Main one across from Bryant Park – So it is possible to do both Pfizer and BOA in regards to logistics.


Mark Sam Danny Josh


Martin – we should avoid mistake of picking a company to shut down and that has union workers. Pfizer was at one point unionized through the Atomic Workers.


NOW DC Workshop- Katie reported that we have been invited to do a workshop during the National Occupation of Washington DC in April.   Jen, Meir, Danny, Judy, Josh, Mark will work on this with Katie.


Month of March – actions in and around Z Park –


Protest WellPoint, Speak Out –


Noon to 2pm on week day or lunch hour action –  FLIP BOOK – Meir likes the idea of doing a weekend action –  also like the bandaids after the ST V Community Assembly –


Katie – Will reach out to Asiya about the planning in case there are ways that the Social Medicine Portal wants to organize a broader social determinants of health.


Mark – WellPoint has bought up many smaller insurance plans and is now this conglomerate –


Mark – Childcare can be set up on the weekends and that way it can increase participation. Yay!


Laurie 1) Put heat on WellPoint and people that work there 2) Get press – for those reasons it is better to do it on a weekday


Danny – volunteer to lead a weekday action too. See Danny to help out with that.


Mark – suggests talking about what’s happening to healthcare and children in NYC.


Connie – It’s important to have a focus on kids. I’d be glad as part of several daycare cntrs to get folks involved that way. Esp since hospitals are closing. Day Care Union interested in talking with HC99%.


Tim – St V closure – we’ve been on the street – a lot of parents don’t engage – but demos in front of hospital ER room and 10 families have come up to share the problems they’ve had with their kids.


Further discussion on ideas…


What to do about $


$158 – Meir – propose we give that $ to Louis who paid for the LGBT space. Unanimous support for that from group.


Coalition Concerned Medical Prof. based out of Canarsie in BK – Really excited to work with us – they work to connect people who are denied care or are uninsured to doctors who can help them and also represent them in challenging claims denials. We can participate in a one hour training to become an advocate on 2/18 – Meir suggests he will drive sometime in the afternoon – to see if anyone is interested – meet Meir in Williamsburg and he will drive.


NY Times – Tim – article talked about how some of his friends don’t understand OWS. This article really helped focus what OWS all about. It talked about working groups and it helped people understand OWS. It helped to clarify what OWS is about.


Concern raised by Connie that the Occupy Town SQ event was held in an inaccessible church. Should never happen again. Connect Amy and Nadina to discuss accessibility at OWS events.


Meir will facilitate next week! See you there at 4pm Sunday at 60 Wall Street.












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