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HC99% Notes Feb 19, 2012
















Report Backs:


Demonstration against Wycoff Hospital closing (Connie + Alyssa) – Friday, 2/17 – about 15 high school students led by their teacher, few CIR people there, altogether about 30 people.  Also present was a vendor who is interested in organizing against closing of Interfaith, Connie will be working him.  Demo also engaged passersby in discussing issue.


CCMP field trip – visit and meeting with Coalition of Concerned Medical Professionals in Canarsie.  Luz, a full-time organizer with the group provided the group the volunteer orientation, focused on the group’s history organizing and advocating for farmworkers in the 70s on Long Island.  Now the group provides some direct free care from volunteer doctors and dentists and trains patient advocates.  Wide network of local businesses that donate for their expenses.  Brief discussion of how to interface with OWS, they will probably come to our meetings in the future and participate in Occupy Town Square.


Flipboard Action:

Subgroup meeting last week, reached consensus on wording and order of messages.


Jen and Josh will move forward getting the boards and try to have them ready by the 26th.  Larger group today consensed on this wording.



Meir is organizing – suggested sentences from mission statement linked to graphs

Mark points out there are 2.8 million uninsured New Yorkers.


OWS Project List:

Being organized by OWS Occupy Town Sq, requested by tomorrow 2/20, Josh will write up the project list and submit:  Teach-Ins, SpeakOuts, Photo Petitions, FlipBoard action.


Occupy Town Square

February 26  11-4

Tompkins Sq Park:

Mark suggested in addition to photo petition, flipboard action, teach-in on the Brooklyn hospital crisis, i.e., 2-3 pm teach-in – Christopher suggests going to Facebook page and sign up for a time slot for the presentation, also providing info on the subject.   There will be a people’s stage with activity as well.  Meir suggests identifying the speakers beforehand and set a time frame.  No more than one hour in total; 20-30 presentation, then Q&A session.  Connie suggests reaching out to the HS students, but they might be on vacation;  Alyssa will contact the teacher.   Speakers for teach-in:  Katie will talk to Louis about getting a speaker, Alyssa will also try to find a speaker.  Mark suggests first speaker on specifics, 2nd speaker on the bigger picture of the national and state issues.


Workgroup to plan teach-in:  Alyssa, Sam, Connie, Mark, Meir, Josh.

Photo petition:  Josh and Sam.

Flipboard: Jen


Mark suggests reaching out to community health centers, Nena, Betances, so come and participate at the table.


Alyssa suggests having Spanish English translation available.


Sam is working with Medical Support to integrate with our table.


Time slot:  2-3 pm;  Mark will sign up on the website.  Regular meeting will still take place at 4 pm at 60 Wall



Financial Transaction Tax Day teach-in

February 27  LGBT Center

Josh will update via email for details




Occupy The Corporations

Katie:  call to action came out of Portland, use this day to educate about ALEC, primarily.  Will target Bank of America, Pfizer – Pfizer sits on the board of ALEC.  Options include direct action, teach-in, picketing.  Organizing committee wants people to gather at Bryant Park 10-11 am, at 11 am a march, end up at Bank of America.  Will have planned pop-up occupation of Bryant Park, so could have OWS 99% activities such as photo petition in the park.  ?Bed-In with Pfizer and Alec?

Beth and Steve will work on literature for the action.  Sam

will also provide some lit he has written on Pfizer.  Occupy Hartford website has flyer on ALEC.  Steve suggests moving picket/speak-in.  Will initiate a planning thread for the event:  Katie Beth Josh, Jen, Meir, Steve Mark Sam – Steve will convene the email thread.


Summary:  moving picket?  Press conference?  Feeder march to Bank of America, “culture-jamming” signs using Pfizers own marketing materials



Cultural Occupation of Liberty Square:

Trying to organize to have daily events in Zuccotti over lunch hour; every day in March noon-2pm; Danny is point on the weekday activity presence for HC 99% for two days in the month – HC 99% will commit to be there one weekday and one weekend day for that lunch hour during the month of March.  Mark suggests replicating the Tompkins teach-in.  Weekday and Weekend day will be determined by a Doodle Poll that will go out to the group; Jen will find out what the options are for the days available and then we will have the Doodle to see who can be there.



Brooklyn Hospital Crisis:

Alyssa:  found out that the only things actually in the budget is closing of Kingsborough Psych and a starve-out for SUNY Downstate (no capital $ in the budget)  All the hospitals needed to apply for HEAL funding in the event of merger; Wycoff wants to be a federally qualified health center in conjunction with Lutheran.  Bklyn delegation and the caucus wrote a letter to Cuomo and Berger saying they reject the Berger Report.


Josh:  we should pull together a meeting of all the community groups involved to focus on moving forward on organizing.


Connie:  we need to help create the organizations that will get involved with this issue.  Crown Heights Interagency Council of Seniors met, people wrote letters to the Governor.  CB 3 is organizing around Interfaith.  CB 8 is having a health committee meeting on March 5th, she encourages OWS 99% to go to this and speak.


Alyssa:  Safe Our Safety Net Campaign is already bringing together a broad coalition but the problem has been that it was not known exactly what the proposal has been so now organizing can be focused.


Katie:  likes idea of Community Assembly such as was done at Saint Vincents


Josh:  seconds idea of Community Assembly; should we do a protest and then flyer?  Or flyer then protest to publicize the Assembly


Sunshine: Meeting places 1) St Francis College 2) Outdoor – Boro Hall Park


Mark: Supports the idea of the Community Assembly meeting – we came in as a neutral party to facilitate the meeting and let people talk. Rather than do something boro wide, we might do sthg in each of the areas of these five hospitals. Put lit, invite out at local church or hospital itself where we come together and give people the basic info and dialog about what to do next.  There are pre-existing orgs that we want to reach out to and get them in the room with everyone else. None of this will be really fast. We might want to think by maybe April to start holding a meeting in BK. We help and participate, but it isn’t our thing, it’s their thing.


Meir: We will revisit this issue – it is the focus of the teach-in next Sun and this could be really good to keep the ideas going. It might be easier to organize the teach-in and build towards the community assemblies.




Sam -2/21 7:30pm at Beth Israel Ambulatory Care Center – 2nd Floor – monthly PNHP forum on Medical Apartheid in NYC.


Mark – PHA NYC – every year does a legislative bfast event – leaders of city and state govt – Fri am 3/9 at InterChurch Ctr near Riverside Church. More info to come. Maybe an opportunity to get them on the record.


Facilitator: 4pm Tompkins Sq Park – Josh will facilitate! Thank you!
























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