MEETING NOTES – Design Working Group – 11/27/11

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MEETING NOTES – Design Working Group – 11/27/11


Postage Project Report Back (emily)

postage was rejected by zazzle for having political message
going to try other outlets
can also use imagery created for other projects (posters, stickers, flyer graphics, etc)
group liked doing a crowd sourced project like this, want to do more in the future


Use of NYCGA website

need to get better about posting and using site
things to post to NYCGA

  • meeting times/locations, agendas and notes
  • orientation guide/FAQ for getting involved in design group


Outreach (for the Design WG)

Recruitment of new members

  • put out the call on NYCGA website (once orientation guide is up)
  • networking events (freelancer’s union, AIGA, 3rd Ward, co-work space near the flat-iron)


  • emily to do flyer for monday night spokes council

better coordination w/ occupy design (cristian to follow-up)


Meetings Meetings Meetings

Spokes Council Mon/Wed/Fri at 7pm (cristian has been roped into coming this week)

  • Mon & Wed usually at 56 Walker St/Fri another location

Communications Cluster meetings

  • includes info, outreach, tech ops, radio, PR, media, etc. design is invited, too
  • meetings Mon & Thurs 2pm at 60 Wall St
  • planning to change meetings to have one in the evening for people w/ day jobs meeting

  • meeting time/place TBD
  • to coordinate w/ groups contributing content to the site
  • design can help populate the graphics section of the site
  • (katie also asked for cool web fonts, adam to follow-up)


Project Management

Cristian has produced a step-by-step guide (30 steps!)
Cristian will continue to PM this week with back-up from other members


***adjourned for BEER

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