Meeting Notes Aug 23, 2012

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OWS Music/Guitarmy March

Group reached consensus on having the march consist of a collection of actions rather than being an overnight, continuous march.


  • Sep 10 – Staten Island? TBD
  • Sep 11 – Boro TBD, Action TBD
  • Sep 12 – Boro TBD, Action TBD
  • Sep 13 – Boro TBD, Action TBD
  • Sep 14 – Boro TBD, Action TBD
  • Sep 15 – Manhattan, Town Square in Washington Square
  • Sep 16 – Manhattan, Concert in Foley Square


  • For those interested in camping, Justin Stone-Diaz is organizing Yes, We Camp

March Objectives

  • Message: OWS accomplishments
  • Outreach flyers


  • Engage in dialogue with local residents, find out their concerns for potential future actions.  We can have people speak about their 1 year with occupy and then hear the issues from the local residents.  We should be doing a lot of listening.


  • Stay positive

Where To Spread The Word/Gain Solidarity

  • Upcoming Mayday march
  • Upcoming Town Square in Sunset Park (Bk)

March Logistical/Community Suggestions

  • Buddy system
  • March signup system for emergencies
  • Teach marchers about radical self-reliance beforehand
  • Need a strong medic team.
  • Increased transparency regarding routes
  • Go out during peak hours for maximum visibility
  • Know your rights!  Inform marchers about sleeping-on-sidewalk laws.  It is legal as long as there is a walkway for pedestrians.  Your property (bags) can never be left unattended.
  • Community agreement/marching values
  • “Greeters” for new people joining march — make sure new people know that this is for celebrating OWS’ 1 year anniversary.
  • Create celly for nav directions and announcements.
  • Foursquare for check-ins.
  • Get exit plans from local residents.
  • Set up Wepay or Indiegogo account for slush fund?

Action Ideas/Suggestions

  • One day per borough
  • Daily actions with a daily set time – ideally with other occupations.  Join existing actions from Sep 15 – 17


  • Solidarity actions with outside Guitarmies
  • Ideally, we can take submissions from occupies in other boroughs.
  • Occupy the subways
  • Banner drops
  • ConEd black out marches
  • Perhaps camping the first nite to get to know one another
  • An action with children via K. Ramos
  • On 9/16, join up with the Tax Dodgers to perform “We Will Rob You!”


  • Manhattan
    • 9/11 – we should have a unity message
    • Mandell School on the UWS – Daniel knows someone there
    • Spectra pipeline
    • Perform show at LES bar – Rushmore knows someone
  • Staten Island – Goldi
    • Daniel says there’s a marching band that someone suggested we hook up with.
  • Brooklyn – Daphne, Matt
    • Tammy is organizing Crown Heights
  • Bronx – Jason
  • Queens – Goldi


  • Flyers/Pamphlets – Michael


  • Banners, patches and arm bands – Daniel, Rushmore


  • Reach out to Labor – ?
  • Reach out to Sumumba – Polar
  • Reach out to Occupy The Hood – Goldi
  • Food – ? We need to ask S17 about food budget.


  • We need to make setlists.
  • Should setlists be site-specific?  There are apparently songs for each borough’s occupy.
  • NY State Of Mind
  • Next rehearsal will be Mon 8/27, 4pm – 6pm

Longterm Project Ideas

  • Create a non-profit for bail fund/legal.  Perhaps by selling arm bands.
  • Guitarmy & Music Education
    • Donate to a school’s music program.
    • General fundraising for music programs during school years

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