Meeting Notes 3/4/12

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Occupy Wall St.

Healthcare for the 99% Working Group

Organizing Meeting






F29/Pfizer Action:  Jen reported on march, demo and flipboard action.  Sam:  big posters with slogans which we had been intending to subvert had been taken down, something which could be viewed as an acknowledgment of the potential power of the action.  Coverage NYT, Reuters, AP, VOA.  Katie:  there was confusion about meet-up place in the morning due to conflicting info.  Mark: some demonstrators were behaving in a provocative way with cops, could have resulted in arrests.  Tim: other people were also concerned about possible arrest due to behavior of some demonstrators.


Friday March 2/Zuccoti Flip Board Action (by Jen):  well received


AMSA Meeting Northern Virginia:  National Advocacy Institute with education about CIR, ALEC; students were there from Mt Sinai who were interested in HC99%.


Mark:  should consider going to medical student campuses around the city and try to get med students involved





COOLS Actions – one action a day for the month of March is planned – HC99% has signed up for the 12th and the 25th.


ACT-UP 25th Anniversary – March 28 – theme of Fund The Cure, using FTT to fund health care.  Mark:  next Occupy Town Square is Fort Greene Park on March 24, need to plan around that.

Planning group will meet tonight at LGBT Center – Act Up is interested in partnering with OWS for the action.


Mark:  consider whether too many actions planned for the same time with the COOLS, Occupy Town Sq and Act-Up action – would be important to have a presence at Ft Greene Occupy Townsquare and do teach-in on Bklyn Hospitals there.


Katie:  supports doing FlipBoard action for COOLS March 12th action good idea.

Steve:  should fulfil both actions at COOLS for the 12th and the 25th.

Jen:  offers to talk to Kevin about possibility of canceling 25th if he has a lot of other groups interested in participating on that day.


Summary:  we will do small actions at COOLS on the 12th and 25th, at least have some presence/flipboard action.  Danny will organize the action, he has offered different ideas for reaching out to people in the park and passers-by.  A list thread will be started to discuss strategies for the action.  Danny will start the thread and the group will come back to the larger group with a concrete proposal.


March 17/6 Month Anniversary of OWS:  12 noon march from Zuccotti to Irish Potato Famine memorial.  Mark says Labor Outreach has been talking about focus with Post Office closings and 1970 labor struggle – there will be a demo at Main Post Office at 12 noon, so there are two separate actions at the same time.  Mark: in view of Left Forum participation, our presence will probably be reduced at these actions.  Steve suggests two people at each demo minimum to carry HC99% banner.  If only one action can be attended, general consensus that the Post Office solidarity action very important to support.


Left Forum Panels Sat. 3/17 – two panels involving HC99%.


Saint Vincents:  Tues 8 am March 6 opposite City Hall, important public hearing; very important to have a large turnout, overflow should be outside City Hall with signs and banners.  For people who cannot be there, call Quinn and ask her to recuse herself from this vote because she received $ from the Rudins.


Brooklyn Hospitals:  Mark – opportunity to replicate teach-in on Bklyn Hospitals at Occupy Townsquare at Ft Greene Park. Connie asks that Kingsboro not be on teach-in agenda, as its existence as a psych hospital is controversial.



Confusion over F29 Action logistics:  Laurie says info from DA was confusing, suggests that in the future we try to clarify with DA.  Mark:  we should give DA feedback about this experience with miscommunication.  Maureen:  this kind of confusion and lack of coordination has happened before with DA actions.  Annette suggests appointing some members of our group to be point on logistics, however Mark notes we did not have a firm contact with DA for communication.  Sam reminds us that lack of hierarchy and identifiable leaders is to protect people from being targeted by police to control and pre-empt the action.  Katie and Steve will liaise with DA on this issue.


March 15 Screening of Film Vampires of Daylight – on health insurance industry – Katie will circulate info about it

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