Meeting Notes 3/31

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Attendees: Diego, Adam, Christine, Ravi, Daneille

-20k cash out on hand at all times in case of emergencies
-member of accounting at arraignments in case bail is set, to avoid transfers/expidite process
-communication with jail support team

*Metrocards- new system, one card per group. picked up from housing, we will figure out when. All accounting members at this meeting, plus Camille, are designated as point people, since we dont know who can be where when due to bail needs etc.

*Standard Operating Procedures
-Distinguish what AFJG does, and what OWS accounting does
-(Ravi taking notes and publishing to NYCGA)

*Money Flow between AFGJ and OWS
-Chargebacks done by AFGJ
-Wire transfer this week

*GA tonight
-Getting Community to GA
-Legal concerns re: proposal

*Receipts/Reportback on Paperwork
-sorting by month, by group
-comparing receipts to expenditures
-sending to afgj

*Concerns re: forums etc
– has escalated to threats, slander, breaking principles of solidarity

-Lying to fiscal sponsor to gain information

-not trying to silence voices, but GA is appropriate forum for serious accusations, very hard to combat falsehoods on internet

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