Meeting notes 2/21/12

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Present, Melanie G, Simran, PJ, Ris, Marisa, Alexis, Mandy Early

This was the intended agenda;
– updates/last word on blurb –
– Have you chosen/reached out to the orgs you want to liaise with?  Set contact deadline?
– next steps in Fem GA organizing
– LOGO updates/sharing of Larisa’s buttons
– meeting space for next Tuesday – are we ok with a space on the UWS?
– finalize guidelines for listserve…
– tomorrow’s CA at SC, who can come?
– OMG has become Movement Resource Group and will be giving out stipends, grants etc.. who can come this Sunday at 7 at Park West? (we’ll be late)
– Marisa is coming to talk to us about this Saturday’s community meeting.
– Pick facilitator and set agenda for next meeting

There was some discussion of the new settings for the list serve.  A few of us were uncomfortable with the new settings, but willing to give it some more adjusting time until this weekend.

Blurb: We decided we would like to send the blurb/invite out to each of our two chosen organizations no later than Thursday at noon.  Simran was nice enough to volunteer to send them if some of us are not able to get to it by then.  Please let us know if that is the case by going here and  making a note by your name.

I will reach out to Rutgers, 56 Walker and West Park to check in about location for planning meeting for this Tuesday since Judson is not available.  (This is already done, just waiting to hear back, but 56 Walker is available and costs $50)

Agenda for planning meeting on Tuesday;
-Who would like to/is able to facilitate?  Simran has volunteered, and we should have someone else.  (Mel B?)
-Format options; Spokes, GA, Tabling, Open Space?
-Intro to aims, activism
-Need a scribe and maybe some big poster paper?
-Gather visions from all who are in attendance
-Report back as ways to collaborate
-Share Community Agreement?
-Main goal is to bring fem issues to the forefront
-popcorn times when other women helped each other?
-suggested next steps and DATE/location for next planning meeting
-others to facilitate next meeting
– reach out to groups you already work with?
-sign up sheet for all (Ris volunteered for this)

Announcement:  Please come to the Spokes Council for Wednesday, 2/22 to help out with the Community Agreements!  At Brooklyn Friends, 110 Schermerhorn Street, Brooklyn

Marisa and a few others are having a meeting this Saturday from noon till 6pm (likely at Unity Hall) to discuss power, privilege and access to resources, affinity groups, and gate keepers in our community.  Please come if you can.  We will make an announcement once the space is definite.  This is to avoid replicating oppression and systemic problems.  Caucuses are encouraged to attend.

Logo – need final update from Kathleen if there is one.  Did we make a final decision on Sunday about how that will pan out?  I think Kathleen said she would let us know as soon as her friend replied.

Movement Resource Group is meeting this SUnday at 7pm at West Park.  Who can attend (late) with me (Mel G)?  Perhaps we can apply for monetary support for the FEm GA project?

Ris and Simran will reach out to other caucuses and GAs locally to invite them to our planning meeting as well.

Finally, we all want to SOCIALIZE, and are planning an outing next Friday March 2nd for drinks and maybe more felt – making?

Sadly we didn’t get to set our agenda for Sunday, nor did we get to choose a facilitator for that day.  Who will volunteer?

Thanks all!

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