Meeting notes 2/14/12

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In Attendance
Mel G, PJ, Stephanie, & Simran

We decided to go with Logo #4 (WOW with the lines on both the top and bottom) and add “Women Occupying Wall Street” underneath that. We would like to change the colors though, and would like to see two versions if possible. One with purple text on a gold background and one with purple text on a baby blue background. After seeing these, we can vote on a final version. Kathleen: can you send this feedback to the designer?

It would be great to have a banner in time for International Women’s Day. We discussed a few possible places to get this printed, but would need the logo finalized first. Simran to look into Women’s Letter Press for turnaround time/prices. Mel to look into Screen Printer’s Guild, Lopi/DA Painter’s Group, and the printing company she knows personally.

March 8th
We would like as many WOW members as possible to attend the El Barrio event at 7pm! Please note this requires an RSVP: “You may reserve your seats via email Please include a telephone number at which you may be contacted.” Everyone that attended the meeting last night said they would attend! I will RSVP on behalf of the people who asked me to, and anyone else that would like me to.

We would like to do WOW recruitment during the day at various parks, but would need enough WOW members available to participate. As many of us work during the day, we were not sure if this would be possible. If you are available and would like to help recruit WOW members on such a relevant day, please let the group know! We would need at least three people to do this.

(I’m adding my two cents to this conversation: if anyone feels very strongly about doing another event/march on March 8th, I think WOW members would be happy to support it and participate if someone can bottomline the event.)
Mel is going to look into setting up a for WOW members to communicate via text. We came up with some guidelines on how this should be used, and to ensure that individuals are not bombarded with unwanted text messages. is to be used only in the following situations:
– if a WOW member feels unsafe
– if a WOW member needs moral support for public speaking at things like GAs/Spokes Councils
– to coalesce with other WOW members at marches
Basically, this is only to be used for things that require immediate attention.

Feminist GA!
We decided we need to have a blurb to send out with our outreach so we are all on the same page when talking about the Fem GA. I will be compiling a blurb based on our discussion and will send it out for suggestions/edits on a google doc. (I may not get to this until tomorrow.) We also decided that in our outreach we should invite organizations to a planning meeting, so groups can be invested in the project with us together. We set the GA date for Thursday, May 17th from 6:30 to 8:30pm! Stephanie is looking into the space at Judson to see if we can get that. We also scheduled the first planning meeting for Tuesday, 2/28 from 6-7:30pm. Please ask groups in your outreach to attend this planning meeting! Stephanie is also looking into Judson for this. We would like everyone to sign up for doing outreach to as many groups as they can and to reach out multiples times if you have to. We also discussed reaching out to all other OWS groups. We hoped FeMedia could create a press release for the event for our outreach. We would also like to do outreach at the March 8th El Barrio event with an announcement and sign-up sheet if possible.

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