Meeting notes 1/8/12

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Report-back on Housing issue that arose at Friday Spokes Council
meeting:  Kathleen volunteered to reach out to Mediation to move the
agreed-upon session forward.  Suggested groups to include in the
mediation:  Housing, Safer Spaces, De-escalation, Strong Women Rules,
WOW, LGBT1QA2Z.  Proposed result:  that Housing and Safer Spaces can
develop a process to reach consensus on Housing decisions.  [Feel free
to chime in with additional groups to include and/or desired outcomes
for Kathleen to broach.]

Report-back on Egyptian statement repercussions:  LGBT1QA2Z members
are (rightfully) distressed that the concerns of all female-identified
persons were not addressed in the WOW statement of solidarity.
Dissatisfaction goes far beyond the Egyptian statement and there are
rumblings that WOW should be disbanded as a caucus.  That WOW has not
been inclusive of female-identified persons that are not female-bodied
is a hard truth.  The very language used in our discussion group
postings has been deemed exclusionary – “women”, “sisters”, etc.  Word
is that if the workshop on privilege in volunteerism is sponsored by
WOW, many people will refuse to attend.  We decided that we would not
try to sidestep the coming confrontation with a defensive statement,
we’ll face the situation head-on.

Attempted review of our amendment to the declaration revealed further
failure of inclusiveness.  We’re considering leaving the declaration
aside and moving towards forging a strong, inclusive manifesto with
input from LGBT1QA2Z and POC.

Amelia has set up a Google Group specifically for WOW Media.  Please
tune into that if you’re interested.

OWS Communications Hub (ComHub) would like everyone to have this
contact information:
Phone:  917-524-8732
Email: Loop:  message # 23559. Text = @owscom

Suggested agenda for Weds Meeting:

– Prepare to accept criticism from LGBT1QA2Z
– Facilitate workshop on privilege in volunteerism outside of WOW
– Ideas for a manifesto/dynamic with declaration amendment

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