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in attendance:





We didn’t take thorough notes because this was a fairly informal meeting due to light attendance (jessica out of town, matt was livestreaming, cristian still busy with work)


-emily gave cynthia a tutorial of admin duties in basecamp

-we looked at some of adam’s recent work, a logo he is working on for

-looked at some open source basecamp alternatives, particularly open atrium and collabtive

-both require hosting. could ask tech or look into paying for hosting (it’s cheap) or host on one of our own personal websites

-interested in both of these, but collabtive allows for import from basecamp, so might be a better option

-looked at the best practices guide which emily wrote. will post to docs for feedback and post to our blog.

-talked generally about the future of OWS, interested in plans being made for the spring, we like the idea of pop-up occupations

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