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  • re-evaluate project manangement/job intake system
  • other options besides basecamp?
  • recruitment flyer
  • nycga blog training



re-evaluate project manangement/job intake system

  • can we have a notification for when a new job come in to job spreadsheet? (let’s ask tech)
  • can there be an auto message that goes to the list? (ask tech)
  • thiago suggested breaking up the jobs sheet by month so that it is easier to navigate (ask tech?)
  • project management can work if we have more PMs, but only 3 is not enough
  • jobs spreadsheet is now shared with the whole list


other options besides basecamp?

  • problem with basecamp: need a dedicated project manager to set up workspace
  • problem w/ basecamp: project managers can’t see each other’s projects
  • advantage of basecamp: can assign deadlines which keeps people on task
  • can we investigate some other options and review at next meeting
  • will strive to use something open source
  • emily would really like something which allows anyone to set up their own workspace for a project


recruitment flyer

  • adam has developed a flyer
  • fix typo (illustrotors)
  • emily suggests adding more design elements, just a little
  • recruit illustrators to incorporate more art into our work
  • can redirect web designers to tech
  • will post at 3rd ward, AIGA, etc, for now, possibly reach out to art students in the future


nycga blog training

  • drew helped us set up our blog!
  • we will start posting soon
  • possibly create a new form for submitting design requests
  • want pages for our “toolbox” (downloadable graphics & flyers)


matt report back on

  • feeds coming in from other occupations
  • tell any blogger friends they can get their occupy news feeding into this site
  • this site will eventually feed into

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