Meeting notes 1/22/12

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Larisa, Stephanie, and Mel G present.

-We discussed changing our meeting times to fit the ebb and flow of our collective schedules.  Decided to maybe have two meetings so that those who cannot make weekends can also have a chance to meet.  We also tossed around the idea of having an online or phone conference meeting.

-Stephanie mentioned a group in the Ukraine called FEMEN  (Makes me want to go back to my homeland to join them.)  They do topless actions to bring awareness to the trafficking of women and the sex tourism industry in the Ukraine.

-We discussed our amendment to the declaration and whether it makes sense to include queer issues.  Since there is a separate caucus dedicated to these issues, we were not sure whether we could do so without consulting that caucus.

-We discussed briefly the word feminism, and how confusing it is that it is being used by a group that specifically asks not to have women’s issues brought to it.

-We decided that we should reach out to other feminist organizations to work together to promote and give voice to issues that concern women and feminists.

-We briefly discussed the idea of a knit in where anyone was welcome to bring knitting to Zucotti, maybe even knit it all in!  (ie cover it with knitting) as a part of the March 8th actions being planned by Woccupy.

-We’d like to attempt gathering with the other caucuses.  Maybe discuss ways we can work together to learn from each other.  Maybe reading the minutes of their meetings and inviting them to read ours to begin the dialogue.

-Stephnie said she would send us a list of the women’s orgs she knows of.  We can start a list of women’s orgs, unions and groups that we could reach out to to work together/amplify our voices

-I said I would reach out to Sarah Seltzer for additions to that list. (maybe we should begin with local groups to make this manageable?)

-There is an opportunity for some outreach with  Who can table that day between 11 and 5?  We don’t have to be there all day, but the organizers reached out to us, and we really should make an effort to participate.

-I have a video of Alexis giving an amazing speech on Citizen’s United.  SHE DID AN AMAZING JOB!   We consented it should go on our blog.  We should write a brief entry about it, either I or Alexis could do this.

-We also discussed Larisa’s video of our training.  Not sure we can post that, but we should be able to share it with each other.

– Annie Appel came by and photographed us.  It was a great experience, and we look forward to seeing her again while she is visiting us from sunny LA.

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