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-report back on spokes council

-report back from the monday content meeting

-larger vision and goals of design group

-how can we coordinate better w/ other groups like occupy design & occuprint?

-content creation for project

-outreach and recruiting



report back on spokes council

  • matt has been attending but not always spoking (because he can’t more than once a week)
  • now officially empowered to deal w/ money
  • it has been passing legislation and accomplishing things, less disruption going on
  • community agreements didn’t pass
  • jessica will start attending again
  • proposal for less meetings of GA and SC – we like this! (too many meetings in this movement, in emily’s opinion)
  • locations move around, so check nycga for location. usually posted last minute.


report back from the monday content meeting

  • Content meeting for the site that Tech Opps purchased for 8k to be the public-facing site (currently people think that ST.ORG is official but they are not answerable to GA–they are an affinity group)
  • Mostly consists of news, approved documents (i.e Principles of Solidarity etc.)
  • Working group news: would work by activating group blogs on (editors would filter most interesting info to public site)
  • Graphic Design Group: goal to activate our blog (jessica is very interested in spearheading)
  • Audio/Visual part of site with curated content will be a round 2 and will come later, possibly not for a while
  • ACTION: follow up with tech to learn about blog activation
  • ACTION: Infographic Project better description on NYCGA.NET and extend deadline
  • ACTION: Recruit non OWS designers for Infographic project


larger vision and goals of design group

  • we have been REACTIVE, responding to needs of working groups, would like to be more PROACTIVE, creating our own assignments and projects
  • cynthia would like to produce more physical items (ie buttons, t-shirts, sweatshirts, posters)
  • cynthia is also in accounting WG and could get us set up with the paperwork, should we need funding for anything
  • (after the meeting emily and adam discussed over beer the idea of doing an art show of our work at a place like cakeshop. could turn it into a whole fundraiser, contact the music working group to see if they could book acts. let’s discuss at a future meeting.)


how can we coordinate better w/ other groups like occupy design & occuprint?

  • something that is easy and not time consuming for them. they work on their own great projects and probably don’t want to be corralled by our group
  • ask them to help us curate some of the content? a way to get them involved that shows we respect what they are doing, respect their opinion
  • can use the content on occupy design in our graphics, it is all creative commons licensed, that is what it’s there for!


content creation for project

  • IDEA: interact with different working groups to get the research points needed
  • ie ask Healthcare group or Women’s group for the content for an infographic based on the issues that are important to them, then we design an infographic based on the data they give us
  • emily wants to explain the idea better and extend deadline
  • adam thinks it may be an advanced assignment for the first of these sorts of projects
  • could be a good movement building tool, remind people WHY we occupy, create readymade flyers about different topics that are available for download. someone from tech ops also suggests that PR could link to such flyers when they send out a press release about a specific action and the action is about a specific topic


outreach and recruiting

  • adam would like to find full time project manager
  • cynthia will try being project manager and someone who has done it before can shadow, or she could shadow cristian and jessica for a few weeks before doing it on her own
  • adam has created a flyer and wants to post on bulletin boards at places like 3rd ward, AIGA, freelancers union, to recruit members, adam will post the flyer to the google group so that we can have a look, and maybe matt can post around town
  • could reach out to college professors at art schools, ask them to mention our ongoing projects to their classes, maybe even make it a class assignment, and see if we get submissions from any talented college students
  • (emily saw an old college professor, john ruggierri, at the occupation when it was still in the park. he teaches drawing on location at SVA, could ask him if he or any of his students have good drawings from the park that they would be willing to let us use on flyers/posters)
  • could post flyer around colleges like pratt, parsons, sva, but want to start with other organizations first (like 3rd ward, etc)

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