Meeting notes 1/15/12

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We only really discussed 2 things – dealing with our exclusion of trans/genderqueer individuals and issues, and the mediation with housing

On the former, we decided that we need extreme awareness raising and education within our group, and also within OWS.  We thought it would be best to have 2 events/workshops – one that’s focused on increasing WOW’s awareness and another after that, that could be a larger intra-caucus event on privilege, gender, patriarchy, etc.

-Amelia is going to reach out to OG WOWer Zoe to get a copy of her cis oppression statement and ask for her input
-Need to re-examine the name of our Caucus – could be something that comes out of the first workshop
-We need to make some sort of inclusion guide to make sure we are being inclusive with every document we create or issue we take on
-We’re starting a subgroup on this – I’m going to send a separate email about next steps to those who want to be involved. This is the group list I have thus far, please let me know if you want to be included or removed: Amelia, Janet, Ris, Mel B, Simran, myself.

I updated about the mediation with Housing and sent out an email to a few of you who I thought might be interested in being involved with the mediation.  If you didn’t get that email and want to be a part of it, let me know.  I think they’re aiming to have a mediation this coming weekend.  We thought that it might be a good idea to ask that attendance at the 2nd workshop we’re planning be mandatory as a 2nd part of the mediation.

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