Meeting Minutes – TechOps GM – 2012/02/01

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02.01.12 TechOps notes @ 60 Wall




  • maps switched to openstreetmaps




  • Setting up RAID
  • Considering DAM solutions for video project


  • Creating/ed standardized favicons for services
  • Jobberboard ( set for alpha on
  • Last training was real small – 2 people, more blogs coming up as result of previous trainings.



  • Content teams forming around,, CiviCRM newsletters
  • Continuing work on harmonized groupings:
  • Salvage update: 12 computers, dozen phones, battery backups, 3 printers in storage.
  • Bond units are in, Devin+Drew plan on filming Kitchen WG. (Patricia) (Devin/Lippe)

  • Established need to create better-than-wikipedia docs to feed intro trainings, screencasts
  • Wiki meetings to take place soon… date/time TBD

Agenda Notes


  • Parts received, being assembled, OS by end of week, hopefully in datacenter by end of next week
  • Planning on Ubuntu server
  • Disaster Recovery
    • End goal: cloud based server management for fail-over & virtualization
    • Possible short term synching solutions using, or asking May First about dumping data
    • DAM: Considering, Resourcespace notreDAM.
      • Is a DAM actually best solution. Immediate need is minimal useful meta-data for footage and minutes.

Meetup style events

Meetup style events to hold intro level classes, trainings.

Reasons why this wouldn’t happen: No time, no people, no lesson plans, no outreach, no space Possible solutions:

Yet, general feeling that this is not immediately actionable.

Laptops in 50 Broadway office

  • Stencil them and distribute to responsible WGs?
  • Relocate (lock-down) to Charlottes place?

DA Tools / Action Tools

Reportbacks from Devin/Lippe on previous efforts to connect with DA on tool use, which didn’t really result in much. General feeling that interested parties should find someone to work with in creating guide docs or suggestions that can be adopted if a group wants to.

Donate your account (Matt)

Ready since 3 three weeks, widget needs promotion

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