Meeting Minutes – TechOps GM – 2012/01/18

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Tech Ops Minutes 01/18/2012
Attending: Patricia, Drew, Devin, Evan, Dana, George, Jake, Ravi, James


Meeting tomorrow for coders
Case studies applications are done

Civi &
Ready and moving forward
Jake & Michael working on

Head up social media team
Small three person core team and number of collaborators involved with occupations build social media component of, outward facing for people not involved with movement
Use tools available

Is recruting new members and meetings every two weeks
Finalized design on home page
Development meeting tomorrow 1/19 on Google Hangout
Design updates on tools
Training at office on Monday for 17 people section or
Get admins of sub-blogs to be at training

TechOps Budget
is going through, purchases has been made
Proposal how to formalize projects &

Agenda items

– Race, race & class
– Laptops/Hardware
– New office point person
– Project point people
– Project Counsel
– Text alert
– Open source vs Free libre

– Race, race & class
Make a commitment to attend
Have a time to discuss more in-depth
First hour of meeting on Sunday allocate 1.5 hours at 6pm
Outreach to PoC & Anti-racist allies (attend their training)

– Project proposal for Gorilla Street Team
Action of a text loop all in NYC
Strong groups of activists for DA activities
Join with Occupy and away from it’s own entity
Moving from emergency notification system to an action alerts
Grow an action alert list and integrate with twitter
Have conversation through DA communication subgroup
ComHub text lists can be coordinated
Matt working on Donate your account and text updates on website
Ties into through tweet/text updates
Small group to be part of project (Justin, Shawn, Devin, Logan, Lopi)

– Office Point People
Office is limited capacity and access format 10 to 1 is open office, 1 to 5 is accounting, night limited access only 17 people in office at a time
Replace point person to Tom and temp for Jake, Drew is new office point person

– Hardware
Ask for exceptions for office hardware to use at churches with agreements used to build user group cases on Permabank and track activities
Computers for 60 Wall & churches, Phil is working on it
Marginalized people helping marginalized people provide computer and prepaid cell phones
Why wasn’t it address immediately with money instead of other priorities
Is there a way to assist? Created and run by marginalized people but not to be run OWS Tech
Razor will provide website to read more detail
Not OWS project, working in affinity with movement

– Project point people & counsel
Take responsibility of projects to know who pass them on to right person
Report back is needed once a month
People have to self identify
Counsel would be a reportback project based only be the spoke to our project
How do you bring people in for project, but it needs to be committed
Be point person on one project at most
Send job description emails in newsletter format
Formalize project leads for each projects
Don’t take on too much, police ourselves
Coordinated effort to tech communities

– Open source vs Free libre
Free software was first it was/is a movement
Open source coined in the 80s but doesn’t imply it’s unrestricted
GPL can’t be sold?
Support unrestricted usage
It can’t be proprietary
Change open source to free libre open to align with the movement
We now use use FLO
Devin & Dan are in FLO

– Change NYC from Tech programs that cross movement
Call it Occupy Tech
Make blog for movement tech face

Not discussed at this meeting
– Policy

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