Technology Operations Meeting Minutes 12/11/2011

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TechOps Meeting Minutes

Report Backs

  • (Devin)
  • This week was the first week of conference calls
  • Wiki attended by some wiki badasses and people who want to retain knowledge
  • CRM, Hardcore people troubleshooting the system
  • Weekly calls for all the products
  • News next
  • Management is coming

  • Meeting with guy he’s super down to collab.
  • global toolbar/tech services.
  • very polished, curated content, billboards, affinity group.
  • But responsive to GA.
  • — perhaps more serious organizational info.

Civi, operational

  • Unconference page using Civi, registration up.
  • Ravi bottom-lining civi stuff.

First content meeting next week. The event will be posted on


  • Working on getting services to stable deployments.
  • Sam and Thom (perhaps john) getting that tightened up.
  • meeting, contact Thom or Dana. CentralBklyn.

Alex from Atlanta looking to hook (bump) up Civis.


  • Office hardware, $8,000 office budget
  • $200 from petty cash, ram and pram batteries, still don’t book… tekserve will do free consult.
  • Dell tower was donated… unbutu coming up! Monitor comes from budget.
  • Docs page under techops(internet) with items offered, produred, needed + set up in the budget. Mobile station for 60 wall not part of the budget.
  • Extra hardware from donations over december.


  • Thom had a question about expenses being reimbursed.
  • GA Budget reimbursements Sean and Dan are Accounting point people.
  • How to itemize $100 daily reimbursement.

Matt report back:

  • Calling around for the fun of it re: datacenter co-location, free/discounted.
  • One has given a tremendous discount (min of 4 free servers 1GHZ 2GBRam Yay! ) Matts maintaining a spreadsheet with this information.

Jake, New office key policy:

  • We can stay working there later. Keypad entry, 1 key code, up to 2 people will be responsible and cannot disclose to other people.
  • Key-code keepers maybe Jake and Thom. We need to pick those people.

Drew, Commhub report back:

  • Commhub needs info for group creation proposal. Ravi knows everything.
  • Commhub and info have a proposal to get info about groups out into the world in a more efficient way.
  • Ravi and Christine from volunteer services will be taking that over as Olivia is going on vacation.
  • Point is, that will be helpful because the process should be simple for extracting info and not making drew cry.
  • “It’s a potentially good thing” because it builds on the larger conversation about what is a group and group management.
  • Commhub will be putting a proposal Monday (hopefully)

Mike brought a printer.


  • Future of bulletin page becoming Info Hub Page.
  • They’ve written copy and it will be going up tonight possibly? They can be changed.


Key holders:

Thom blocked being keyholder…

*Andrew plays air guitar*


Devan, downvoted.

Matt friendly amendment, talk to bianca… hook up door to internet…

Matt & Jake are the Keycode point people (to be awaken int he middle of the night to let you in).

*unnconf. added to agenda*

*katie agenda item proposes drops internet off name on website*
breakout group to discuss situation empowered to deal with ‘techops’ representation

*General hosting for occupy related websites

‘why i occupy’



‘mumia abu jamahl’

*Volunteer services

*Matt wants

*Phone number

*Spokes council walkout

*AirBnB Clone for hosting


* Unconference

*We have all the parts that we need to have a great website.

we can register

we can add sessions

civvi’s doing a bunch of shit


we need to build that out Liza has bad interne

either she puts it up or we drop it on the wiki or someone else bottom-lines it.

Deadling for tomorrow morning. Focus on registration, drop on wiki.

* Wiki page are you going to promote the international day of immigrants

3 points of contact for an español group.

Were just making the space accessible, promoting, and provide tools

*** Solidarity with the Immigration day in the messaging ***

Our focus is on logistics and containers, but not on the messaging…. problem re: our charter

Pending GA approval we’ll do it.

Katy suggests, on the callout on NYCGA promoting.

Matt weighs in, charles was saying our primary focus is promoting the event universally. When it comes to immigration we need to have specific suggestions about how to plug in the “International day of Immigration.”

This is about the fact the the 18th is the international day of immigration rights, draw attention to it.

Breakout session suggested… matt  will coordinate with


Drew brings up that Techops go to spokes, and do a walkout…so we can focus on work, and coordination isn’t happening.    Coordinator’s meetings is happening.. monday, weds, fridays, sat, 9am 60 Wall St.
Devin, suggests not making it such a dramatic act. Perhaps we just announce that we’re not providing a tech spoke… open to sending people in for a report back.

Drew, amends… I don’t want this to be a ‘fuck you spokes im outta here’ but we should prepare a statement respectfully addressing the fact that spokes isn’t working.

Matt needs a few minutes:

He’s been disappointed for a few reasons w/ facilitation… not judging.

Spokes council going to shit is a great opportunity to him, unless we use tech to improve communications.

He doesn’t like the way facilitation stepped aside. He’s further disappointed to see other individuals step in…. but perhaps this is a way to use tech-voting system. Spokes never cam up with a way to akowledge or de-acknowledge groups.

Perhaps we can recommend using the tech system

Darryl – he was there too, its been a complete shitshow from day one. I understand that it was crazy that facilitation left a vacuum… but perhaps it was a facilitation problem from the beginning. Taking to great a stack, letting things go on forever. Curious to see a tech solution. We’re not operating

well with just using GA, which is why needed a spokes… which is why direct democracy has been deadsince 3k bc.

Katie, agree with drew: spokes is a waste of time… i used to go to every spokes. Now I don’t… people do everything improperly. People get pissed off cause they come to get shit done, but no one follows process, yells at each other. Perhaps we should focus on organizers meeting. A walkout is not an empty dramatic gesture, but showing that techops is a large group of people, who are fed up with this situation

Thom: understands facilitation stepped aside because the criticism of spokes was often pointed at them

Perhaps techops needs to have a bigger presece at GA

Ravi: Coordinators meeting is not a decision making body, coordinators meetings is operated more tightly in the interest of getting things done. If we’re going to participating in coordination in that  way (like spokes), then we need to be careful not to import some of the problems of spokes into the coordinators meeting.

Charles: Support for being able to exclude people from our process, perhaps drop some pretense of horizontalizm.

Will: A position paper would be very useful. “This is the way we see it.”

Jake: Yay tom, yay matt, but if we step up to try and ‘fix spokes’ we’re becoming a scapegoat for the continued disfunction.

Rachel: Re: suggestion to attend more GA’s then we should agree to not meet during Ga

Katie: Perhaps another solution, we should assign 2 people to go to GA (spokes for GA)

Devan: Yay, maybe one person not two… but yes we should encourage other groups to show and reprazen’ at GA perhaps tech solution can bring up at unconference. If spokes is giving people an opportunity to voice their opinions

Drew: Reformulate proposal, weds we do a big effort to get to spokes… present our position, and on top of that commit to do a report back a week to the assembly, and attend GA as a group and keep GA abreast of what we’re up to.
Charles: Spokes weds, is becoming anti-racism training.
Katie: Friendly amendment… commit to get at least one person a week to go to GA

Drew: 1 report back a week + at least one person attending at GA

Matt: Didn’t like authority given to spokes… but it was approved by the GA. Does that mean we disagree with the spokes charter? And if so, do we not to fix the what GA proposed, and do we want to stand against GA consensus.

Ravi: If we commit to Tues/Thurs (or weds) meetings being 1 hours then we can attend GA.

Darryl: Spokes council was created for a reason (reiterates). To understand where we are in terms of making decisions we’re not doing so good, tons of people are homeless, and congress passed the appropriations act… but however this goes we need to address the situation to make decisions, focus, etc. Not so into horizontality, but decisions need to made.

Jake: I was a big proponent of spokes. I do support the charter, but not the implementation, and our continued involvement doesn’t serve getting shit done. Perhaps coordinators meeting is a better way.

Devan: perhaps we should look at the reality of the situation

A. No spokes at spokes right now so its not functioning

B. What we are doing is going to the ga, and reporting back keeps the relationship, transparency and accountability.

Drew: Hear hear devan, Accept amendment

Thom: propose we do it on friday, weds is anti-racism training, and the nature of issues brought up at spokes. it wouldnt look good for us to take that action on that day, and we amend our proposal based on what goes on on wednesday.

Patricia: passes

Katie: Perhaps people who are still interested in spokes for whatever reason, we ammend our statement to suggest we propose returning to spokes when it gets its shit together.

Drew: Accept amendment

Friday we give our statement and walk out

We will relinquish our spoke

We will do reportbacks

We will increase our presense/accountability at GA and recommend other groups do the same.

We will amend our proposal after the wednesday training based on events then

We will consider returning to spokes  when things change for the better.

Ravi: Whos going to spokes? Hands

Jake: how will we amend our proposal… *general consensus: etherpad*

Drew: On Point  creating etherpad

Trish: Announcement about NYCGA Council working grpoup ’embodies the ga’ I would like to know if you heard of a working group being coopted, and people being kicked off as admins/mods, groups deleted, we will be expecting techops to address.

Drew: need a user policy and an admin policy, is that what your group proposes.

Matt: Lets brainstorm what conditions we would come back… we need an inclusion spec… etc etc… breakout suggestion.

Phil: Conditions on our return.

Drew: Reiterates amended proposal.

* Blocks ? *

* Temp Check*

* Several stand asides *

* Consensus *

Ravi, Civi CRM is working

Feedback from working groups, “what do you need”

Will start a forum thread with a form, requesting feedbacks, specially re: specific needs.

Volunteer Intake form


Anti-foreclosure (Mike)

  • In contact with:
    • Ray Lewis
    • Shamar Thomas
    • Matt Casey
  • Putting content online
  • Building anti-floreclosure website
  • Welcome volunteers
  • Matt Casey also interested in helping with content for
  • Breakout

Change TechOps name on (Michael)

  • Social networking site
  • Connecting people and removing judging
  • Features
  1. Videos – 1) Tell your story? 2) Why you are unhappy? 3) Idea for change?
  2. Personal info page
  3. Chat rooms – linking like-minded individuals
  4. Booth – Enclosed occupy booth
  5. News
  6. Livestream
  7. Radio
  8. Arts
  9. Interview
  10. Suggestions
  11. Questions
  12. Lifestyle
  • Drupal Implementation
  • Document will be provided to group
  • Needs:
    • Hosting
    • Development help
    • Project management help
    • Planning help
  • Willing share content and cross-linking, but needs to be stand-alone
  • Reality check: enormous undertaking. What’s the first iteration?
  • Next steps: post Google doc to

Streaming Audio (John)

  • Digital media and programming
  • Have some solutions that might be useful to us
  • WP plugin that works with
  • Local area network
  • Need breakout session
  • Could be good solution for projection and sound in large group

How do people become involved?

Hosting (Matt)Looking into hosting/colo costs

  • Have gotten quotes from a bunch of different providers
  • $2 per 1 MB/sec
  • Support for Housing (Matt)
  • What can we do to help
  • Open Source
  • Tom: Philosophy about hosting
  • Some want centralized managed data center
  • Or, would be decentralized, project-by-project basis
  • Need Server Admin Breakout
  • Sam, Isaac, Matt, Tom, Phil, Gregg, Patricia

Meeting Times

  • Proposal: change meeting times to Sundays and Wednesday after Dec. 18
  • Following Sunday is X-Mas
  • Next Sunday, Dec. 18 will be meeting at Pace 5:30pm

Timebank (Jill) – Left

Brazil – Campus Party

  • Invited to attend conference all-expenses paid
  • Speaker for panel on social media
  • Outcome: tabled until next week – about 4 people interested

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