Meeting Minutes – Tech Ops 2012-04-11

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Tech Ops Meeting Minutes
Introductions / Report Backs
  • Devin –
  • Wrote up an Occupy Content Sharing Agreement,, occupied wall street journal, Agreement allows us to re-publish their content. PR is on as editors of Senses that PR is very impresses with our documentation. We are in contact with ALG and they have an accounting gateway.
  • Leah
  • We’re working on the farms website and hope to upgrade.  We have one civi form up – another to come.  Importing contacts into the civi and then work that system.
  • Charles
  • I’m involved in the 99% spring, I did the trainings for training. Newsletter project is running well, we could do more interesting e-mails but people running it dont have the time.
  • James – Project Project reached 90% of fundraising goal. Sent PDF of layout to printers. Did 10,000 copies, began distributing them last night. About 5-7000 at Bogart’s house right now. About 1200 copies with James, 1200 with Ravi. Rest distributed amongst other folks. Being printed at Tri-Star (which is a union shop, though they didn’t add bug)
  • Drew – we’re almost done with the civi project list.  You can see a quick example at, on its way to being done. Connected with accounting and fiscal sponsor to begin enabling funding through civi and OUR payment gateway (instead of paypal or wepay). Nav bar is done and documentation is on the wiki.
  • Steve – purchased
  • Matt – servers are being worked on.
  • Darrell – Concept for project management .
  • Lippe – Still a lot of hardware at storage – getting a lot of flack about this. Reaching out to places that might want it. Plan to bring all the stuff worth keeping to the commons and consider the rest as e-waste. Newswire will move to Redmine and Pantheon. Wiki now has RSS feeds.
  • Andrew – enabled commenting on the directory for anonymous users.  code fixes, etc.  building out the comprehensive events model which is part of the FGA process so we’re specing it out along with venues, which is the next piece coming onto the directory.
  • Pea– focusing on content selection and entry for over the next couple of days.
  • Erica – prototype of the done; James working on .js. Content gathering underway; Wiki skin is up for testing ( )
  • Dana – Massaging interoccupy to use tools instead of google. UoW call re: “temp check” decisioning software. Need to revise scheduling on Tues PM @ the Commons.
Participating in Anti-Repression Committee Mtg on April 19, 5-7pm at 56 Walker – Ravi
  • Asking groups to support idea of having meeting
  • Discussion about strategies to address / respond to ongoing police surveillance
  • Recent laws/rulings that may affect us – i.e. strip-search law
  • Proposal – Tech Ops will participate and support meeting
  • Temp check looks good
  • Possibly present at Anti-Repression Committee mtg using map documenting Stop & Frisk
  • Maybe do a screencast – N-17 is a good test case –  Drew will ask Jason to do a screen cast
Human resources template/proposal tracks hours, asks for committment, and helps with reportbacks, as well as highlighting needs
  • Andrew: need to focus on community building and incentivising participation vs. volunteer management
  • Lippe: likes ennumeration of needs (reading a book by Star Hawk) and a path to elders. Time tracking has connection to practiving self-care/avoiding burnout/repping effort.
  • Darrell: this is a good way to actually “support” supported projects
Tech Ops Community Meeting April 21, 12-4pm
  • What are the desires of our constituents?
  • Hold Tech Ops meeting afterward
Tuesday evening space at the Commons for Trainings and Meetings

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