Meeting Minutes – Tech Ops 2012-03-18

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Report Back
CiviCRM & Project project:
April 7th release of project list v2
Help with design
Help with distribution
Draft of editorial guidelines have been submitted
Wednesday at 6pm TechOps meeting will be a spoke at DA meeting – 33 West 14th St
10 Project meet requirements
Civi training was pretty successful.  Working groups aren’t really set up yet but we’re going to reach out.
Next training is tentatively scheduled for CCR at 666 Broadway
PermaBank is moving again a bit – code is now running on NYCGA staging environment
We have found a Django timebank project that is open source and a Django open source crowd funding app.
Thiago – NYCGA2012 theme is more organized on Redmine and tasks are being assigned
Two milestones now: one that is basic and another that is completely awesome
Harrisson: I’m been working with and looking at analytics and social media – figuring out what goes viral
We’ve been using a phone conference system for guerilla radio and interested in permabank.  “This group kicks a lot of ass.”
Jeff got a sopena for his twitter account from 2 days before occupy to the end of October.  They want all his public tweets, followers and ip addresses.  Subpena is poorly written and confusing in the twitter verse.  This is the Manhattan District Attorney.  Still has a case from the Brooklyn Bridge.  Adbusters suggested following him.  Lawyer suggests that Jeff should encourage his followers to object to their subpoena request.  Is working on a website to get his followers to submit an objection, match them with his follower list and submit the objection to the court.
NLG is taking is seriously.
Interested in tweeting for
OccupytheHood has a foodshare.
“If a language has an evaluate function it’s susceptible to injection.”
Ushahidi people are having drinks Tuesday night.
New working groups are being approved and we need to work that out.
To Do: Devin and James – Get the guidelines for Project project up on the wiki.
Email lists
Charles will moderate the list:
Reduce the amount of back and forth
Off topic posts
Abusive language
List acts as a tool to recruit people
– Public lists will be moderated based on our current policies (Charles will put together a team) CONSENT
– We will market the new list to old public list, later we will deactivate old list CONSENT
– & & (private) CONSENT
Email policy proposal
FA: Charles – not use consensus but use super majority for implementation of policies
Work shop proposal and bring back again
Solidarity to Shawn <3
Is quorum important?
No: We don’t want to waste people’s time who come up to a meeting.
No: We can reverse decisions in TechOps.
Yes: I want a quorum at GA so I want a quorum at TechOps
We could have a quorum at 2-4 as a compromise
We could have a “weighted quorum” in which decisions that are “important” require quorum
Group set Quorum to 6 people – CONSENSUS
On April 1st, it will be 6 months sine the Bridge march.  Dallas wrote a proposal that got passed by GA.  At 2:30pm March will start at 1 Hanson Place and Liberty park to meet at Cadium Plaza for a big GA at 4pm – Sunday.
April fools day parade has been taking place for many years and will also be taking place and we shoudl tie it in.  We don’t need consent, but we do need to help promote to our social network.
Tech Newsletter
There’s over 7000 people in the Tech Newsletter Civi.
We should not use that list and build our list from the previous newsletter lists.
We can promote the list through the newsletter, on the website, etc.
To Do: David will create an etherpad with the contnet that will pull from the spreadsheet and publish on classifieds.
How to deal with the Press
The WSJ article wasn’t particularly accurate but it was friendly and good press.
Matt has been successful getting us free stuff because of press coverage we’ve been getting so it’s impotant that we take control of our press talk.
WSJ reporter process was good because we publicized the opportunity on the list and everyone who got in contact with her was interviewed.
There are specific messages I (Matt) want to see go through the media like volunteer solicitations, etc.  It’s people’s responsability to take the opportunities.
Harrison: we should match our contacts to the specific outlet.
Matt: we should record all our conversations with the press.
Wanda will send Bill Dobbs’ contact to the list – he’s really good at it.
To Do: Harrison, Devin, Liza (probably) and Dana (probably) will help with the press plan.
To Do: Drew is going to connect and figure out what to do with the volunteers.
Isaac’s money
Money that was initally allocated by the GA for batteries to power Isaac’s Freedom Tower will be held by tech as emergency fund to continue running infrastructure in the event that GA funds are not available.  We’re going to talk to accounting to make sure that this is kosher.  Matt’s providing all receipts/invoices neccissary to accounting.
New groups
OWS en Espanol is creating the group creation and proposal forms.
Queer OWS just got consensus to be a group again and they need to the web.
We need to promote HOW TO get to be a group on the web site.
Ten Tech Ops projects meet the project requirements:
Devin moves to consent on 2 projects to be “officially” adopted by Tech Ops -CONSENSUS – CONSENSUS
eportbacks at GA
Every week we should have a forum thread that contains updates for the GA and when TechOp members go to GA, they should review the forum thread and announce it’s contents.

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