Meeting Minutes – Tech Ops 2012-03-14

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* Conversation with Ben from MRG
* Media Server
* TechOps Community Manage –
* NYCGA Front Page –
* –
** Donations –
** FGA and –
* State of Tech Report
* Burndown
* Computer Lab –
* Training Schedule –
* Adding Projects to the Project List –
* Event with Joan from InterOccupy –
* Provisioning and email addresses –
* Move one future Tech Ops WG Meeting to participate as a group at the May Day Spokes Council, which runs concurrently every Wednesday at 6:00) –
*Prepare proposal
Report Backs
Matt – Livesteam office is cleaned up but running out of money.
Devin – Having a livesteam/techops/ in the same office would be cool
Matt – Livestream office is $420/month plus they need FiOs (internet connection)
Livesteam is getting a clear channel card that works with the BOND
Good content meeting – guidelines are on the way
Evan – I’m reading an important book, and writing a proposal for Permabank. Will bring it to the group when it’s ready.
James – Project list project has a wepay page up. Will use civi. We would love to create user accounts with civi.
Dana – CiviCRM training went really well, about 15 people were there. We are almost done with the org. list for movement building and outreach. We will move on to create the project list. Then its just a matter of getting other groups involved. We need policy. Maybe using the same groups policy.
Will reach out to Kira and Walt and Justin to test out Diaspera and Status net (identica)
Devin – Reader is up
Drew – Dana Devin, Drew and Ben met this morning. Given resistance to Ben is going to be supporting
  • InterOccupy is going to start showing people nationwide how to use
  • Greg is networking, building a “marketing package”
  • We convinced him that there’s no need for Salsa, Ben asked “what does Tech need?”
  • Right now, Tech’s need is people, not more Tech.
1) Community Manager (Devin)
  • It would be cool to have someone who would bottomline posting meetings, agenda items, etc.
  • * TO DO: Create Community Manager Guidelines, Select a person.
2) Request for TwitterBomb (Jay)
  • Jay signed up on and is running for President.  Requests help publicizing.
  • He will send his request to, we should work to connect with our media people and see if we can find a good work flow for fulfilling these kinds of requests
3) Training
  • We aren’t using the CCR space on Fridays
  • Commons available 2nd & 4th Tuesday of every month, Dana will add calendar events
  • Jill has been deleting Dana’s events on the Tech calendar, will remove editing ability. (done)
4) Space
  • Dana and Lippie will develop policy for the commons and add available time to calendar
5) Lists
  • Devin will move forward on creating, determine group feeling on name, and move internet working group list over to new discussion list.
6) Metro card
  • Shawn will take last metro card, Evan called dibs on next week.
7) Project list
  • James is collecting projects for the 2nd project list. Submission deadline is March 30th
8) May Day
  • Group came to consensus to attend May 1st planning spokes council as Tech next Wednesday 3/21
  • We will have a spoke as nycga tech ops at the meeting
9) Emails
  • content people want personal e-mails for domain name. They will determine management policy and return to group for consensus
  • Matt will spec out an “ask” for a mail server/manager and Liza will push request to her social network
10) Donations
  • Team will investigate Gift Flow as a possible in-kind donation platform
  • Evan is drafting framework for donation/gifting policy i.e. Permabank
11) burn down
  • Drew, Gregg, and Erica will round up on design
  • Devin and Dana will work on burn down list for launch
12) State of Tech
  • Liza and Drew will work on into to tech along with copy for state of tech
  • Matt and Liza will develop a drupal install to handle time line, this might replace wordpress blog
13) Meet in the park
  • If Tempature is good (group seemed to like 65 degrees or above) then the Tech meeting will be held in the park.
14) Matt’s concerns
  • Matt brought up his concerns that and shouldn’t be seperate sites, is a great domain and should be used as single point of entry.
FGA office hours are 10:30-6:30 at the Commons
General meetings are 1st and 3rd Sunday at the month 12-3 at the Commons
Sounding board are on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at the Commons
* TO DO: Create Community Manager Guidelines, Select a person.
* TO DO: update Tech calendar (internal and with training sessions [Dana]
* TO DO: email addresses will be filled out via wiki specs by Matt and Devin and Liza and Dana will recruit operators
* TO DO: Finance proposal that enables people who donate to the NYCGA to ear mark their donations to a specific project.  Preliminary proposal:
* TO DO: State of Tech project shall commence!
Backburner email addresses will be available when the content team consenses on a group structure
Livestream should make a request for computer hardware

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