Meeting Minutes – Tech Ops 2012-03-07

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Tech Ops Meeting

March 7, 2012


  • Ben
  • Joe
  • Evan
  • Matt
  • Dana
  • Patricia
  • Eric
  • James
  • Darrell


Projects Project

  • James fundraising for next issue
  • Intake form on CiviCRM and display on front end of Civi
  • Matt to take project list and integrate CiviContribute
  • Tom setting up for testing
  • Crowdrise can be used for fund-raising
  • How to connect projects to people who can donate
  • Create an integrated platform long-term with Permabank
  • Use Catarse for national kickstarter
  • Occupations can use CiviCRM to highlight their projects locally
  • Have fees go to GA
  • Schedule front-end meeting


  • Occupy Farms is ready to rock
  • Have 10 new farms
  • Transportation issues, they have needs
  • Reputation management issue continues

Metro cards

  • Patricia is new point person
  • The point person has to go get the metro card for the week
  • Max of 5 per week
  • This week Patricia, Dana, Shawn & Josh Whalen got cards



  • Went to Terradeck and got 4 more bond units
  • LA Tech has a space available that 18k feet
  • A lot of connections made with donors and hackerspaces are on board

Fundraising for projects

  • WG can fundraise but can’t have access to GA funds
  • But we can accept in kind donations
  • In order to get projects done we need people who can focus on these projects invested in it
  • Start live/work space with residency space
  • There is a lot of fund-raising for projects that could support space
  • Political issue emerge accepting large donations
  • has had similar issues


  • Evan is no longer working with


  • Request: List group contact emails one place to contact all WG about event
  • Site Updates
    • Update to homepage when logged listing my groups and my events right from homepage
    • More visually engaging if not logged in
    • Improve events detail page
  • Kitchen wants to use Text loop to use for meal announcements
  • Use Twitter or Celli to send out daily food updates
  • Needs to be accessible from the phone
  • Kitchen wants easy way to show where food will be every day
  • Don’t know if ComHub is coming back
  • Banner at the top of the page is usually used for time sensitive information
  • Banner on side bar could be used for it too

Commons Meeting/Space Management

  • Use Tech Ops shared calendar to reserve space for meetings/trainings


  • Ben from Burlington wants to setup NYCGA for Burlington and help out on other projects (sysadmin, etc)

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