Meeting Minutes – Tech Ops 2012-02-23

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TechOps Meeting




  • Casper
  • Dana
  • Darrell
  • Patricia
  • Ted


Clusters on

  • Needs the ability to create clusters to which multiple groups could belong
  • Some groups may belong to multiple clusters



  • No response from anyone about setting up the laptops
  • Patricia can set up standard Linux, but won’t be encrypted



  • Was waiting on Charles
  • If no movement by the end of week, Patricia will take on:
    • Separate from other policies
    • Add friendly amendments
    • Circulate to Legal, etc.
    • Bring for consensus


Online Mediation Process

  • Reviewed draft policy (based on



  • Allocation of datagram servers
  • Not only used for media and archives
  • Need to plan how servers will be used for TechOps projects

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