Meeting Minutes – Tech Ops 2012-02-15

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OWS TechOps Meeting Minutes

February 15, 2012

6-8pm 60 Wall



  • Dana – Tech ops
  • Jay – New to OWS and has some ideas he wants to find out if Techops can help.
  • Amy – Project List Project and Newsletter Content.
  • James – Project List Project
  • Erica – Designer working on and wiki scan, and design.
  • Patricia – Development of  Pretty much done with design and working on development. Also does support for
  • Ted – Permabank/BetterMans.
  • Quince – New to OWS, anthropology student from Amsterdam with background in media, design and communication.

Report Backs


  • Volunteer and OWS newsletter systems on the civi were supposed to be linked to but now they have been linked to She reports this to be positive because it is ready to go. Ravi and David are point people for this.
  • In launching ideas for, there is collaboration with a group at University of Washington in Seattle.  They are doing an Occupy Tech Survey research project and have open source materials that may be useful as part of an online platform for people to make proposals, referendums, share ideas.  There is an interocc call about this tomorrow (Thurs) and with U of W next Friday (not sure if this was Friday 2/17 or 2/24).
  • will be up soon will be run by a paid service in San Francisco.


  • Looking for help with the wikiscan.
  • I am working with a system called Nation Builder. It is an integrated volunteer management system and social media platform. It is not open sources, it is a paid platform we can look at as a model.


  •, the public facing site with news and information is going forward with a projected launch of the end of this month.  Content is being decided and will likely include news stories and other stories of interest about what is going on at OWS.   The content being generated now by the project list will be useful for the content because of the overlapping of showcasing projects to the public.  James reports that he has spoken to Devin about this and describes what it might look like.

Casper :

  • Has been dabbling with and still seeing bugs such as multiple posts of the same item, posts being inappropriately deleted.
  • Concern about abuse on, and people demoting others without their knowledge from admin, mod, etc.  Will table discussion of terms of abuse for when more Techops active members are present.
  • Working on how to develop security procedures for 6 laptops from SIS.  Brainstorming of ways to do so, many ideas need to be narrowed down to what will work best.


  • Working on content for newsletter, we may need help if anyone is interested. Suggestions content and newsletter content groups might benefit from working together, due to similar expertise and goals. But not if it joining together would slow decision making and progress for either group.


Agenda Items

1. Project List

  • First will be hard copy version, to be handed out at the next OTS.  Having a hard deadline where they will see something in their hands is motivating people to fill out the form.
  • Discussion of short-term needs – “down and dirty” get this out as soon as possible for public and OWS. For only, we will have a list of projects in alphabetical order and search box – WG, meta tags, etc, depending on what your agenda is you can pull up the projects and display on a simple easy to read page.  There are many ways to think about the online presentation and we are not attached to any way, want to collaborate and come up with what works best.
  • Discussion of long-term potential – global knowledge sharing, understanding how projects connects, assessing where we are missing opportunities to reach certain communities and issues.  Social network maps understanding how Occupy and non-Occupy groups are relating around a project. Information provided on taxonomy systems such as in book Blessed Unrest.
  • What projects does techops want on the project list, at least to start?  Might not want to list all projects, possibly just even list tech as one “project” and let people follow up for further information on the details. Think of this as a “marketing” tool and ask what would it be useful for tech to have people  know.

2. Civi

  •  Volunteer and OWS Lists are now linked to  Domain has been changed. It can be changed but this should be a good thing.
  • We have form on that is on the contribute page, including joining a WG, donating, etc, and also signing up on the volunteer form that we had hoped that would be able to connect to civi.  Mention of Volunteer people (owsworks) looking at the form.
  • It would be the same design therefore it would be okay. Volunteer popele (OWS Works) is supposed to be looking at it.  We were hoping that the form would feed into civi.  Design is the same so user won’t know they left page.
  • Start trainings at The Commons” probably starting at the end of next week.  Discussed need for tech to help groups understand why these trainings are important and how the civi can help them. Also discussed need for communications/”Marketing” assistance for groups.

3. Permabank/BetterMeans

  • There is a project the free network foundation guys doing open source hard core infrastructure as an organization. Permabank is a place to share skills and needs.  We have a lot of tools that are technical and inhuman.  Three basic things a person can do: You can add something to the commons, edit, or connect.  Want to make a way to credit what people contribute.   A project is just a miniature commons.  Like OWS is a commons, Wikipedia is a commons, we need to set up a resource definition framework.
  • Started to gather developers that would be ready to work on an effort to begin to credit the work that we’re doing.  It’s like a game, like an open framework.  Related to gifting and alternative currencies.   Giving value to the things we do that is something other than monetary value, will help motivate people and facilitate more effective prioritizing of our work.
  • Would Techops be down with making a call for developers for better means with this goal?

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