Meeting Minutes – Tech Ops 2012-02-05

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Drew: trainings tomorrow 12-6 with Devin
   Using NYCGA and group blogs
   Newswire, wiki, etc.
Drew and Devin: following Food WG around this Thursday and filming
David: Permabank progressing, met potential dev partners at May 1st meetup
David: Newletter meeting on Thursday with infohub, outreach, tech, volunteer works
   Talked about regular e-mail communication and publicity, using CiviCRM
   General update emails
   One-off emails for specific events
   Follow-up meetings next week
   Discussed different newsletter sections: events, volunteers, news, updates
Devin: CiviCRM reportback
Tom: nycga analytics usage, 650 active users, 1% of users generate 75% of content.
   Going to make numbers public
   Going to make activity log public, already wrote queries
Tom: Settings up PHP templates for static content
Tom: BloombergBucks project page created, looking for launch date
Tom: Server naming project underway
Matt: 855 isn’t actually toll-free from nyc payphones.  Probably Verizon’s fault.
Thiago: made comps for, dev team working on it.
Thiago: FGA sounding board meeting:
Thursday, February 9 from 6-8 or 9PM
Rayogram offices
79 Leonard Street, New York, NY 10013 (in the basement)
Ted: Eco summit met yesterday with many groups.
   Earth summit site launching soon
Devin: Brooklyn commons space [address redacted], space for 10 ppl.
   Getting hardware there soon
Agenda: analytics – raw numbers availble for user stats
release csv, sql dump weekly of audit tables – username + all public or moderation actions
server security audit and naming convention enforcement underway
media website
  flickr, youtube, livestream put together on one public-facing site. – will be used for now is available – point @
  discussed options to plug into nycga and planning
media server 10tb
  work out process to deliver content to the server
  public or private option for storage
  media logging + tagging
  workflow for uploading and downloading raw footage.
office hardware – laptops reportback wedneday
        non-portables have a storage space
newsletter points to
        theming on that
        newsletter content –
other newseletter
        civi may or not be at
        civi newsletter template owner not 100% reliable trying to buy domain outright
atlantic commons
        tabled – come back and discuss terms of “website help in exchange for office space”
FLO rewording
        just add “free / libre” to existing “open source” language?
        final wording tonight, get it on the GA agenda for Tuesday
        first time amending a GA approved statement
        write a blog post explaing
        we agreed on specific wording from the thread – “Making technologies, knowledge, and culture open to everyone to freely access, create, modify, and distribute” –
bringing more equality in Tech Ops
        follow up discussion
        co-meet with ARA / POCC
        do teach-ins at 388 Atlantic
        reach out to justine and contact her about
        infohub is going thru their 7,000 backlogged emails
        11,000 went to and were never answered
new hampshire passed a bill
        requiring the state government to use open source software
        give a shout out to NH State Senate from the GA
        congratulate the bill, not the politicians
        people need to write more blog posts
        write some blog posts
        admin on the tech group = posting access on the blog
        figure out worflow for contributors
analytics working session
        google analytics – email drew for access
        set up a time to work out analytics
project requirements
        standardized documentation proposal
        benefits of being sponsored by tech ops
                  right to use names
                       right ot contact ppl – access to mailing lists
                rights to funraise, go to GA
                access to equipment + workspaces
                access to promotional materials
        required public info
                project name,
                goals, plans, description of project
                contact / point poeople
                working groups involved
                status – in development, alpha, beta, release
                          wiki, blog updates, meetings
                 bug tracker, source code project managment sys
                calendar, location of work
        when people publish code, we assume they’re adhering to licenses of incorporated software in good faith.
        checkbox that people contributing code have rights to redistribute
        free software license is a requirement.

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