Meeting Minutes – Tech Ops 2012-01-11

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Tech Meetings 2012-9-1
Agenda Items:
  • New Office point person
  • E-mail overload
  • Privacy Policy
  • Casper as Super Admin
  • Civi
Report backs:
  • Office meeting
  • Occupy eco system
  • Training
Office Report Back
Office meetings are now Tues 11am @ the office
There will be a little more required
More responsibility at the front desk
I suggest adding a new point person see how Tom is out-of-the-loop
We need to be more proactive in upholding office policies for check in
Matt is still working on a platform for office front desk
CQ: Are there specific people NOT allowed, or are only some people allowed?
A: Anyone is let in, apart from a small list of people who have been asked not to come back. I believe those people are [redacted]
There are hard limits to how they can use the space
PoI Casper: SIS has moved and there is now a lot of space in the old SIS space. It might be in the process of opening up the space to work. (52 Broadway)
Occupy Eco System – Small amount of media content, 1 news item and 1 video, high quality “coca coal” style site – We have been throwing shit against the wall and seeing what sticks. I’ve developed a scheme for labling projects so we can manage expectations – Owner is looking to give up the name. There is thinking about putting the civi there. Campaigns, petitions – Could use a Tech Ops person to implement tools, many we have already deployed.
Int. is a interoccupation sub group of Movement Building. They have been hosting conference calls for the past few months.
Thiago is back and is having a work session. They are working on design. We will hold a new meeting once we get new design.
We are having a meeting soon.
We have a theme built. Lippi has a connection with Drupal dev.
I’m going to start training every Monday. Starting after MLK. I will develop a strategy and bring it to the group as I work out the details.
Casper is looking to work as a community manager.
?: what could you start doing before our policy is approved.
Casper can act as a de-escalator.on the site.
Charles: Why would you need to be a Super Admin?
A: Access to the dashboard.

We will make Casper an admin on NYCGA main site. (done 1/13/12)

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