Meeting Minutes – Tech Ops 2012-01-08

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MCaudy Notes:

Report Backs:

1) Evan reported on a Tech Coop: Palante. This is a workers co-op. Perma Bank will most likely also be a co-op.

2) Direct Action has requested Tech support for an anti-foreclosure related project that involves access to property and foreclosure-related databases that are available online. A goal is  to create a web portal for foreclosed properties.  There also will be maps of foreclosed properties.

This was decided to be too large a topic for this meeting,  and is to be put on the agenda for the Wednesday, 1/10/2012 Tech Ops meeting.

3) Mike reviewed the City Wide Assembly meeting that was held on Dec 12. Some people from Tech Ops were there (Mike, Katie, Devin). The plan is to have a one day city-wide meeting, probably in April, for people to meet and discuss various topics, and what directions to go as the movement picks up again in the spring.  One topic seems to be what will replace GAs after the eviction, and now that there are GAs in Brooklyn, Bronx, etc.

4) Evan: report back. This is being led by David and Larry (who owns the domain name).  The domain will be more “entrepeneureal”, while the domain name will be more “political”.

5) Funding proposal for Tech Ops. Jake is really excited about presenting this to Spokes Council. There will be 4 parts, each with about $10K for one time funds, then about $800 a month after that.

End of Report Backs

Agenda Items:

1) Evan Wagner requested an emergency proposal:  He has been working on reformulating Perma Bank. He requests 2 daily allocations of $100 each to cover his phone bills.

This proposal got consensus

2)  Proposal from Dan to change the Financial point people from Dan and Sean to Evan and Sean

This proposal got consensus

3) Drew (not present) suggested regular hacking sessions each Wednesday after the regular Tech Ops meeting


MLapacek Notes:

Proposed Agenda:

  • Scheduled working/hacking session – something we can invite newbies to that isn’t a long boring meeting. I suggest every wednesday after our meeting OR Brooklyn work sessions Tuesday and Thursday
  • Permabank needs a “project management” approach in order to succeed. What’s up with it?
  • Account Donation system.
Break out meetings
  • Training – Monday 11am – 2pm – disscussion of what to cover
Action items
“Tweetboat”  doc:]nt/d/1MizxkDsJETLdSTshtn-6Cw-PyJ08gXQj_4HtM8VdrGY/edit?hl=en_US&pli=1
Need for revisiting project management
Focus on person to person connections, spaces for people to connect.
We have a list of people who’ve dropped away, can we get back in touch with them to see why they left?
! self-governance
! ignores remote contributions
@thiago – paper intro sheet for meetings
Work session vs. training vs. onboarding – appropriate for different folks.
Drew for onboardings?
Top level get involved
– 1st meet of month or other specific onboarding
– Physical card/flyer
Proposal: 1st meet of month, capture emails
Proposal: Breakout
Media kit for direct outreach
Initial points of contact, tasks for new folks.
Centralize project management on same platform
Wiki infobox has been a huge improvement
Job boards
Tools don’t solve problems
Build it they will come
We have no definitive criteria for what is a TechOps project/service:
Occams answer: If we’re managing it, it’s our project.
Where are we seeing interest? Are we getting new visitors to meetings?
@audit – Andrew SuperAdmin

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