Meeting Minutes – Tech Ops 2012-01-04

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New Person Introductions

Terry – just here to observe, mcitp, c-sharp, sql database
Andrew – html, css experience, a little flash
Raven – design and development as well as network administration, windows and linux.  Can learn any code in 2ish weeks but mostly works with HTML and CSS

Preliminary Emergency Item: Authorize accounting to write a new check for the OccupyUnconference

Report Backs
* We changed the design/layout from last week
* We need a new Drupal site builder

Office Hardware
* We received netbooks and monitors
* More monitors are on the way
* Freedom tower is in the office but not working right now.  Office is happy to host the freedom tower.
* Handtruck is purchased and in the office

* Four servers are online, one is in the hand of ‘donate your account’ guy.
* Went to media meeting to discuss budget proposal – all thumbs up over there.  They volunteered a camera. Content
* subdomains will be a primary way for groups to get their content on

* clone is up for occupyfarms
* Devin will help them do all types of fun tech stuff.  Let him know if you want to get involved?

* Matt put up a local instance of Civi to demonstrate how fundraising can be done through the system
* Dana and Ravi are working the system

* Evan will start a ‘project group’ to continue development of PermaBank

Agenda Items
* Selecting a Spoke for this evening
** No spoke was selected
* Tech Ops assuming control/access to Facebook page at and bringing it under syndication with other media channels we control. [Shawn]
** We don’t have control over any Facebook profiles
** Shawn asked dude with 5k fans to post stuff to his profile
** Shawn wants a profile for Facebook
*** Why use this page instead of start a new Facebook page?
**** The URL is
**** The Facebook title is campiasidofhasdihfi and we want to change it to OccupyWallStreet
**** Facebook isn’t open source and they’re mean
**** We should get an email adress as an admin on a variety of social networking profiles
** Proposasl
*** In the name of TechOps/NYCGA we will contact Facebook to take control of the page
* Budget
** Budget is currently running at about $12k
** We’re going to itemize the proposal and present it to Spokes Council
** We need to finish it and email it to facilitation
** Livestream and Media are behind it but may or may not show up at the event.
** Can Livestream handle this expensive equipment?
** Is this outside the purview of TechOps?
*** We’ve always been helping out the Media and Livestream folks – this is network infrastrcture.
** It’s their budgetary responsibility, not ours.
** We’re going to itemize this when we present it to spokes.
** Do we want to give equipment to people who haven’t kept equipment safe in the past?
** Who’s responsible for the equipment that we’re buying for groups that aren’t TechOps?
*** We have volunteers who will offer other equipment (cameras).
** We need a process described for how pieces of equipment will be utilized
*** Livestream is capable of managing it.
** Flush it out after the meeting
* Policies
** Last week we agreed we’d have three policies presented in draft form.
** We have a few decisions we need to make before we can move forward writing policies.
*** Can we author policies that extend beyond and into other tools, such as the CRM?
**** We’re talking about a general set of poilicies that don’t neccissarily apply to all tools.  We can do it like liscenses.
*** Do we feel there are circumstances under which we would ban/delete users?
**** Temperature check: yes.
**** We need a written policy that involves escalation and appeals and that human admins need to make decisions, possibly with an exception for automated attacks.
**** We should reach out to people with experience: community management pros.
*** Do we insist on 100% transparency for who community moderators and admins are and what information they utilize?
**** No.  We can use a generic term like ‘admin’.
*** Should we police the way people use the platform?
**** No, but GA can order us to take content off the site.
*** Why would we manage the GA’s web properties and not manage web communities?
**** Because we’re not the best community managers.  It should be the GA’s responsibility.
* CiviCRM Project
* Tech Blog
** Site structure
** Categories are projects, tags are types
** Proposed Content Schedule
** State of Tech Report for
* InterOcc Tech Community Organizing
** What projects are we collaborating on with people outside TechOps?
** What conference call do we want to produce, participate in?
** What tools are we advocating for general, international use?
** Do we want to invite people outside NY into TechOps, and if so what  does their inclusion look like?  If not, how can we share attribution?
* Formalizing office IT team

* Proposing an Product Schema
* Operating a WordPress subdomain on workshop
* Publishing Recommendations for Information Exchange before Spring
* Schedule final migration work session. [Tom]

* Selection of Spoke/attendees for Spokes Council tonight.
*  We were supposed to set the Spokes for the week at every Sunday   meeting for the entire week but we didn’t have a Sunday meeting. In  addition to figuring out Wednesday and Friday, let’s all remember to do   that at the next Sunday meeting going forward.

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