Meeting Minutes – Tech Ops 2011-12-28

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Tech Ops Meeting
Dec 28, 2011
Whole Foods, Greenwich


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1. Report Backs

    • Content team doubled in size
    • Content team is mapping out current info flow
    • Having weekly meetings
  • Hardware
    • First round of purchases arrived at the office – 4 laptops, 6 monitors
    • No movement on laptops and internet access for 60 Wall
    • TeraDek offers us free hardware hardware
  • Voice Services
    • Service is running out on Friday
  • FGA
    • Article in Wired
    • Development environment is almost stable
  • Server Migration
    • is migrated to Panix
    • DNS names are being moved to Gandi
    • New frontpage is pretty
    • Roadmap is almost complete
  • Freedom Tower
    • New tower was made – Debian server
    • Might live at the office til Isaac is back
    • New posts have been added, trying to humanize tech

2. Campus Party Speaker selection

3. Policies
  elaborate deadline and process for implementation, discuss values:

  • Terms of Use Policy (website), including Website Personhood Policy
  • Privacy Policy (website and phone system)
  • Admin Policy
  • formulate implementation plan

  • Groups policy implementation

4. Hardware Budget

  • general discussion of funding models
  • voice services
  • hardware purchase

5. Listservs – Open source vs. not
6. Demo
7. New Business


1. Report Backs

  • Hardware
    • Teradeck is giving Techops and Media maybe a dozen free bonding units (5K value per unit) and is being excessively cooperative.
    • In total mintues, OWS has domintated totals. Larger than the Olympics.
    • Talking about using Livestream’s data centers as part of our infrastructure.
    • Matt had previous working relationship with and knew their API, which allowed us to quickstart voice functionality. This includes automated event reports, twitter feeds and more at NYCGA-411 via text-to-speach. It is a short-term solution until we go open source.
  • FGA
    • Searchable directory of occupations is nearly done and will be up sometimes next week
    • Users can manage own listing
    • Half way done with dev environment
    • Need UX people, have lots of engineers and Drupal talent on board

Is this meeting happening right now?

2. Campus Party

  • Andrew, Charles, Devin, Liza, Matt  presented
  • Blind voting – Outcome
  • OUTCOME: Charles received most votes

3. Policies

  • Should reach out to other working groups vested in the
  • We should extract pieces from existing policies
  • Ben Yee used to work for NY State Senate
  • Site’s terms of use could be Creative Commons.
  • Approach to Developing
    • List of policies we like
    • (where are these policies/terms?)
    • List of issues to address
    • Groups to involve in policy
      • Liza: Cross-group communication is an issue
      • Legal
      • Town Planning
  • OUTCOME: Charles will spearhead for Wednesday meeting

4. Hardware Budget Proposal

  • We don’t really have a budget
  • Rackspace SLA will be ending soon
  • Panix will be donating until end of March
  • From a service perspective, we’re pretty well covered
  • There is a spreadsheet of all our expenses (where?)
  • Separate out 1) Voice (855-NYCGA-411), 2) Servers and 3) Monthly
  • Voice will be cut off on Friday
  • Upfront (Capital)
    • $1,500 or $2,500 (50K minutes) – Voice (depending on # of minutes)
    • $2,500 – Hardware (2 servers)
  • Monthly (Operational)
    • $250 – Hosting
    • 4 X $150 – Data
    • Total: $1000
  • OUTCOME: Liza to will draft proposal and post by Saturday
    • Present to GA Tuesday
    • Posted by Monday


5. Listservs – Open source vs. not

6. Demo

7. New Business

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