Meeting Minutes – Safer Spaces – 02.05.12

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Present: Angela, Nikki, Mirza, Billy, Leah, Zach, Larissa from WOW, winter, a’yen (two others, didn’t get their names)


This week’s spokes:




***Can anyone else be at Town Meeting at 1pm on Saturday at West Park with Mirza to set up our table?  (to bring most recent CA copies, leah will bring big pad and markers)



EVERYONE vote on meeting time doodle

Nikki will fill out the form @, we will also do safer space at West Park event—done

Safer Spaces—give feedback by Wednesday on Community Agreement version leah sent out

leah will ask Julia for feedback on this version

-we need to ask Alexander for other email contacts from that SC

Winter will set up a doodle to take a poll—done

-Leah will bring big flip pad and markers to Town Square on Sat.

everyone come to next meeting with ideas about sustainability

-Winter to do Twitter while Fanya is away

-nikki will find out about Open Space location

-all will try to come to 6p Open Space Friday to discuss Grievance Process

-Billy to reach out to QWS re: Grievance Process discussion on Friday

-Winter to reach out to POC about GP discussion Friday

EVERYONE look at accountability document that leah sent to list :)





Community Agreement

Grievance Process

Town Hall Saturday 2/11/12

Accountability Document



Grassroots Housing Initiative

Meeting time



– [personal announcement redacted]


-WBAI—THURSDAY 2/9/12 meeting at 545p, start at 630p—talking about Community Agreement, 100 Wall St. Leah and Angelaàmore people please join!!!


Town Square on 2/11/12 @ West Park Presbyterian Church 1:00pm-7:00pm at 165 West 86th St.(at Amsterdam).

-discussion on accountability?  Leah has ppt from SNY

-workshop Community Agreement? which concepts stand out to you, what does x mean to you?

-Billy will be there at 230p

-Nikki can be there by 330p

-Leah will be there 330/4

-Angela can be there at 3, will try to get there earlier

-A’yen 3pm

-Mirza can be be there at 1pm

-most recent copies of CA

-arm bands for table to be pretty

-can anyone be there at opening shift

-leah and angela will bring markers, leah will bring flip pad

Nikki will fill out the form @, we will also do safer space at West Park event


Community Agreement and Accountability Document

-update: presented it at SC, defended it, people were on board but some members of translation concerned about it being translatable, occupy deaf way and occupy farms blocked in modified consensus

-ODW sent us docu that was more translatable, but some SS had concerns that certain concepts erased from document, like privilege—Lynn, Melanie, Leah all worked on drafts

-now simpler, shorter, more bullet-pointey

-do we want to send it back to Julia to see if she has more concerns

-Accountability Document—basic roadmap set and timeline

-leah sent this out to list

-next steps, make sure we are all down with CA and send to Julia

Safer Spaces—give feedback by wednesday

leah will ask Julia for feedback on this version

-we need to ask Alexander for other email contacts from that SC

-fanya suggested that we stop taking CA to spokes and take it to GA

-can we see what happens with feedback from ODW and then go from there

-GA has been very functional lately


Grievance Process

-about 15-20 ppl at Quaker Meeting House on Friday, 2 main presentations, one by Rusa about restorative justice and another presentation by Danielle about her work with Haley House, soup kitchen and community space that used restorative justice circles to interact with community and settle disputes, very pro-active

-talked about active listening

-restorative—who was harmed, who was involved, what happened, what can be done to restore justice

-people agree to uphold principles upon meeting a space, ex. say main thing is that you’re there to build community, don’t label behaviors as good/bad, but how can we get back to community building

-we need to reach out to more about Grievance Process discussion at open space, last week’s some important voices were noticeably missing

-we need to reach out to more POC caucus, Queer caucus, OWS en espanol—needs to be a broader group at these meetings



Meeting Times

-earlier on Sundays, Thursday night?

-let’s make a doodle—Winter will set up a doodle to take a poll



Bottomliners (or sustainability)

-feel overwhelmed about participation, do we want to break things into projects?

-ex. Community Agreement, Accountability, Support/Housing—like breakout groups

-think about fluid projects, how do we engage people to get feedback

-we’re small and doing a lot, maybe we’re overcommitted—are we doing too much?

-hopefully once CA is consented on, less work

-maybe we can coordinate with WOW to share labor

-they have been talking about cross-generational language, learning materials

-WOW normally meets Sundays 5-7p, Tuesdays 6-7pm

-education is needed in this movement, how can we share this burden structurally??

-mediation also wants to do some trainings, lots of overlap

-talking about sustainability, really, how do we support each other in doing this work

-we wanna be ready to help spaces

-Leah would work on accountability

-leah sees grievance and accountability different; grievance is I hurt, accountability is you hurt; dealing with harm, developing strategies

everyone come to next meeting with ideas about sustainability


Grassroots Housing initiative

-please comment on thread here, I (nikki) just posted real quick

-to discuss Safer Spaces participation/pledge at next meeting

-concerns: not everyone included in new housing, only those most active in movement and not the ones “freeloading off the system”, they want to publish donor names to be transparent eventhough it’s not supposed to be an OWS initiative

-20 ppl were handpicked to be able to stay at West Park

-we need to take care of each other.


Next meeting:


Community Agreement

Meeting Time

Open Space/Grievance Process Reportback

Town Hall Reportback

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