Meeting Minutes – Safer Spaces – 01.22.12

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Safer Spaces Meeting – January 22, 2012


Present: Zak (Mediation), Daniel & Sarah (Occupy Tampa), Billy, Lyn, Fanya, Sean,

Calvin (Think Tank and Structure), Leah, Angela came in, and Alexander

toward the end of the meeting.



About putting forward the Community Agreement at Monday’s Spokes:

  • Zak will speak to facilitation to encourage CA being on agenda
  • Alexander will bring copies, Sean can also make copies if contacted by 3pm
  • Leah will be Spoke, Fanya and Lyn and Zak can assist, Fanya may have to leave for work, Angela and Billy can get to meeting by 8:30.
  • If Wednesday, Niki can be spoke, Lyn, and Zak can be there from 7, others arrive late.  Not sure about Alexander and A’yen.

We agreed each Spoke presents in their own personal way, but the following

points should be covered:

  •  People should not think Safer Spaces people are the enforcers; everyone is responsible for the safety of all.
  • Clarify we would like not to get hung up in line or word changes; we have integrated suggestion from a number of work groups and individuals who have attended our open meetings. Let’s not try to do those kinds of changes in the large group.
  • We are proposing the CA as a set of principals we live by, a foundation on which Meeting Agreements, a Grievance Process, and a Road Back can be based.
  • Although there is a section on Conflict Resolution & Accountability, Meeting Agreements, a Grievance Process, and a Road Back will need to be worked out out in addition.

If facilitation does not provide for a “cluster time” when people can read the CA, request that there be one.


After the CA is passed (or even if it isn’t) we will make an announcement and a Safer Spaces statement:

  • We will invite those interested in discussing what an OWS grievance process should look like to join us this Friday evening @7.  Because it will be warmer, Lyn will try to arrange for use of the Quaker Meeting House @ Boro Hall (2nd stop into Brooklyn on the A, C, F, R, 2,3,4,5 trains).  If that is not possible, we will meet @60 Wall.
  • Angela with Alexander will work on a brief statement we can make about our concern there is an uneveness (different priority given based on the perpetuator’s position) in the way OWS responds to and handles those who commit physical violence.


Leah and Angela are dealing with the invitation to speak about the CA on WBAI.


Leah will respond to Russa about the Housing/WOW/Safety Cluster mediation and she will request that conflicts between and with individuals be part of the mediation.


We spoke about the untenable situation the spending freeze creates for occupiers both at Park Slope and 86th street church.  Safer Spaces agreed upon a proposal to Monday’s meeting of the Housing Workgroup that the time be extended for money cut off to at least the end of February in order to give occupiers at the churches a chance to make other arrangements.

We discussed how we could support those occupiers who are unable to make other arrangements.  There were several suggestions (individuals guesting a couch floater, workgroups sponsoring an occupier at the church with $25 @ week), but we came to no conclusion.

Was the list of personally recommended social service resources ever assembled? (This was requested by a member of the Housing WG who attended last Sunday’s meeting.)

Alexander, Sean, Billy (and others?) will attend the Housing Workgroup meeting Monday @ 3:30.

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