Meeting Minutes – Safer Spaces – 01.15.12

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Safer Spaces Meeting 1/15/12

Present: Angela, Fanya, Billy, Sally, Leah, Alexander, A’yen,


Great meeting! Look for your name in bold for your action items!


During the earlier open listening session we talked about concerns + comments on the Community Agreement. We also reviewed proposed language that Lyn and Matt from De-escalation drafted which could accompany the CA. It was decided that on Wednesday we will bring a revised version of the CA which does not contain that document OR the 6-step de-escalation process document, but that Safer Spaces is willing to help draft a de-escalation process for responding to transgressions of our Community Agreements with one another.


Action Items (+ some notes)


Requested mediation w/ housing WG?

Alexander and Leah will check in with Rusa from mediation about Mediation with housing


Working Group Compliance

Fanya prepared minutes and will post.

Fanya will check through the past 3 weeks for anonymity.

All any feedback on this due by 1/18 Wednesday


Occupy Boston communication

Occupy Boston sent us an email about how a perpetuator was ejected from the movement. Alexander will get more info about their process + incident. Safer Spaces to potentially formulate a response.


WBAI radio

Leah and Angela will try to find a time and go on the radio show.



Update on survey progress to come from James–no action at this time.



Billy will help do the training on 1/28


Reportback on churches

Park slope is generally ok–there has been a problem w/a repetitive person keeping others awake

West Park issues have been circulated already via this list


Spoke assignment

Spoke for Monday–still needed–anyone??

Spoke for Friday–Billy can spoke Friday, maybe Angela as support


Community Agreement Checkin + Workplan

Leah has Nan’s and more notes

Alexander has notes

Alejandro suggests that we take the comments in context

Proposal on snitches–concerns that it could be misused, is more leverage for ejection vs transformation

Angela will synthesize & rewrite notes

Angela aim to have notes in by 8pm tmw

Angela will invite everyone who’s been on the doc to edit the gdoc

New version will be CLOSED by Tuesday at midnight

Alexander will design + print + bring copies Wednesday

Fanya can spoke Wednesday

Angela will go

Leah will try

Alexander will go

A’yen will try


Group decides that we will not respond to each comment individually but take them all into account

Responding to feedback people have given seeking punitive prescriptions in CA.

Angela–the stuff in this document IS the work, she does not want us to be part of the process, but not constantly create rules

The desire to create a law someone has broken is the issue itself–a harm opens up the opportunity have dialogue

Dialoguing about these issues IS the work

Billy–how do you show sensitivity in a way that’s educational and transformative to perpetuators

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