Meeting Minutes – Safer Spaces – 01.01.12

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[posted retroactively for Working Group compliance]


Safer Spaces 1/1/12

angela, fanya, james, Alexander, mirza, nikki. leah



CA Agreement Timeline Planning

-what should timeline be for community agreement? when to ga/when to spokes?

-getting working groups to say that it’s the CA of their WG

-we could have more safer spaces open forums about the CA

-have it be discussion points

-have discussions at GAs and SCs about parts of the document, more about engaging than policing and namecalling

-maybe another WG could help us make it fun

-have a couple point people from WGs

-someone from SS will come to your WG meeting and hold a discussion about it

-this is a living document, let’s pick (ex.) one section each month and have a workshop around it


-propose a rollout process and then ongoing evolution

-collaborate btwn mediation, safer spaces, education (ex.)


-SPSA no longer offering housing, now at West Park, occupiers helping build there as exchange


-two more weeks of active conversations to gather feedback

-volunteering Kelly about open space stuff, alternative facilitation, maybe could help us activate discussion around CA


-connecting this with accountability process

-training on how to do restorative/transformative justice: education/sustainability

-video materials (vs readings)—Sister2Sister?

-free-flow conversations, Theater of the Oppressed workshop



-Dedicate SC to conflict resolution techniques, etc.?


Hand out CA drafts at GA and SC and get feedback for next 2 weeks

Ask each WG to have 1-2 point people document conversations

Recruit Kelly to help us lead workshops/discussions each week?  few days?

Coordinate around massive 2 day workshop to revamp SC

Dedicate time at SC/GA next few weeks to talk about CA?

Extra time in WG meetings to facilitate creative discussion


Occupy Our Homes – DA and Sustainability fixing up home, family has not been there in at least 10 days – no rules/agreements

If we have CA solidified, can present as option



Housing mediation – several Housing organizers have been physically abusive

Issue of manipulation by individuals, how can CA be applied when they are involved?


Survey for occupiers about issues with housing: what problems have you seen?  what works?  any difficulties with safety?

James will look into SurveyMonkey and develop some questions to send around, can let people take survey at Charlotte’s Place – in conjunction with Sustainability?


Individuals who are very aggressive and defensive during discussions of race and gender issues – how to approve and then enforce CA?  need for education?  individuals with past abuse history who are not accountable but not part of working group, yet involved – emphasizing part of CA about participation of those who have not been accountable


Issue of people speaking for or doing work of WGs who are not part and may enact harm (e.g. person who never attended mediation meeting doing mediation, medic with history of improper medic work wanting to join medics, person who wanted to vote at SC so picked up Safer Spaces sign) – CA and other protocols for each WG to determine who they want to work with?


Issue of people cycling through working groups – need accountability so same patterns are not perpetuated in different spaces


Immediate issues (Aryan Nation sign at SC, Decolonize event discussion, etc.): how to respond?  Develop hand signal for “you just made the space unsafe”?  Ring bell?  Facilitation can have discussion or not, “oops-ouch”


Twitter account: Should we post more?  CA excerpts?  Can we link to CA?  Other safety info?  We trust Fanya!

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