Meeting Minutes Oct 26, 8pm (Weekly Nights Group)

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Oct 26, 8pm, weekly Night meeting:
No facilitor/stack
Antonio compiled the minutes.

• Report backs aka “sync” w/ A&C Daily Meeting Group, including a round-up of weekly activities.
No-one from the 6pm group was around to help snyc with the group.
Discussed for a moment the main events of Occupy museum and the occupation at Artists Space.

• Introduction to A & C group:
- Discussion on group structure included only discussion of collectives.
- No formal strategies or processes known
- Some members claimed they could not find any info online
-  discussed on surface the resources of, NYCGA Art Database (Occupenial), discussion list.

• Online resources.
(proposals on how they work together)
- Discussion about blog potential within the v.2.0
- In depth discussion pushed to blog speific agenda item (Below)

 • New Members orientation. (proposals on improving how we working together.)
- Discussed the new aspect of the A&C weekly schedule.
- New schedule in A&C group being worked out:
Mon- Art Database (Occupennial)
Tues & Thurs & Sat – Organizational Meetings
Wed, Frid, Sun – Art Making (?)

• Diversity in Arts & Culture (proposals on how we can diversify internally and provide an accessible Arts & Culture platform for the public.)
- No proposals were brought up.

• Developing an Arts & Culture Blog.
- Basically works like any wordpress blog.
- In addition to the “networking” face of the nycga site, this blog create a public-facing side of blog which can be found
- Either a rotating team or every core member has the ability to blog for the Arts & Culture site.
- Benefits include being able to set up pages for usefully information on the group.
- Tabs should be discussed with the A&C group.
- Team or author policies should be discussed with the A&C Group.
• Developing a NYCGA Free Arts Syndicate.
- A proposal was made to syndication art work.
- Historical example of “Underground Press Syndicate” in the 60s.
- A quick brainstorm propose to make a simple “NYCGA Free Press Syndicate” stamp to identify all art work that is part of the syndicate and therefore free to use by any members.
- Potential for people around the world to ‘stamp’ work on their website using a jpeg link.
-Visitors surfing the web can identify them as part of the NYCGA free Press Syndicate and use them for their own NYCGA Free Press publication.

• Announcements on future events.
- Announcements made on November Election actions. Info not recalled.

• Collaborative group proposals.
- None were presented.


*End Meeting, informal discussion on the occupation of Artists Space continued on the sidewalk.*

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