Meeting Minutes – Design Meeting 2012-1-13

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  • Offical/concensed content is enough to warrant badge?* dig A key for a single badge feels chart junky.
  • Also could have “accomplisments” or “successes badge”
  • If news.occ is going to feed into, we need to up the content grade.
Design Feedback
  • Real pizza box top
  • OWS caution tape?
  • Put subscribe top right or on top in general
Extra-movement media
  • Newswire as reusable in multiple areas w/different channels
  • Add tagline below site name in the header
  • Taglines should display a rotation of text
  • Subscribe should be in header
  • Twitter and Facebook should go in header
Featured content area
  • Will have 3 tabs
  • Featured (editorial content)
  • Video (curated)
  • Livestream
News widget (external content)
  • Will have 2 tabs
  • Twitter
  • Newswire
  • Need to determine what news content should be displayed ther
  • Need to decide on nomenclature
OWS News
  • Will be news content from other occupations
  • Section name may change
  • GA, Spokes, Press Kit and Content Team call-outs are fine in footer
  • Might like the footer to be a little shorter
Next Steps
  • Updated homepage creative Saturday or Sunday
  • Refine and design out other main site pages

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