Meeting Minutes – Design Meeting 2011-12-28

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Meeting Notes

  • design meeting
  • 12/29/11 5:30pm
  • In attendance: Devin, Patricia, Jake, Katie, Devin

Content team meeting report back:

  • need to reorganize flow of information from groups to communities
  • Amin, Natasha and friends of Tidal want to help out
  • Media wants to help out
  • everyone wants access to outward facing site
  • idea: blog on for groups would be the content feed for
  • editorial: organize contributors. occupy wall street journal has access to writers (Grim)
  • do we want to make submission process public or private?
  • three main ways to feed content in: newswire, autorized groups (media, pr, design, etc.)
  • have categorized posts, editorial (working groups act as curator for outside content)
  • some solid content creators and press releases and GA proposals are enough to start site, content-wise
  • once the site launches content creators outside will come to us


  • v1 site map already set
  • colors on editorial portion represent categories
  • Devin would like to see a large hero image in place of the LiveStream/video section.
  • default video in hero area could be featured video from Media and LiveStream could be a secondary tab
  • we need a tag line/more explanation when you hit the page. what is occupy wall street?
  • more current news content
  • spokes/GA callout up top?
  • Devin likes color scheme of B
  • Katie likes high contrast colors
  • everyone is in favor of red, some think a different kind of red, maybe darker
  • bottom line below article should be removed and more space vertically between articles
  • maybe tabs for different article types, dropdown makes less sense for filtering
  • keep sort by drop down: most recent, most read
  • do we need to rework the entire wireframe now that we have new ideas about livestream and hero content?

Katie’s Thoughts

  • I like how in the editorial section, the headline is a block color with type on top of it.
  • I like the horizontal GA/SC sections.
  • Buttons for press kit, contact don’t look like typical buttons
  • I don’t like how he ripped off for the category markers
  • Don’t like the horizontal “fold” in the announcment bar background
  • In footer, donate button is too far right. Look at Katie’s instead.

Design Feedback

  • We Like:
    • Texture
    • Black, yellow and red (need to find right red)
    • Angles of top-level nav
    • Occupy Wall Street
  • Katie
    • Like tabs
    • Like treatment of Twitter/news

Next Steps

  • Update wireframes
  • Revise visual design
  • Need tagline(s) (maybe multiple taglines that rotate?)
  • Ask to post on Twitter

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  1. Thiago

    Hmmm, I mean we sometimes use DIN, is that too similar?
    Color coding and the use of rules does not a design make.