Meeting Minutes – Content – 2012/01/16

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PR incoming workflow
PR outgoing workflow has been documented, but how people request attention from PR has not been documented

Collaboration on content
Need specifics on how copy and media providers work together on projects, both matching needs, and accomodating issues of approval

Index of offsite content
Notion that while site itself may not host all content, there could be a simple mechanism for visitors to add to a content link index. e.g. a visitor could add a photo resource link relating to a specific event, and link to a flickr set. Even if outside resources aren’t well tagged, they’re at least discoverable via this index.

Content directly from devices
Possibly as part of the content strategy for actions, we might consider handling media directly from mobile devices. This could be as complex as a custom app, but could also include tracking or ingesting based on hashtags @mentions, facebook streams, etc.

Feel of site
– (cute) things you click on and go somewhere else
– Regular bloggers
– Individual voices – friendly – huffpost – “I want to write for this”

line editor – vision of piece
copy editor – grammar/technicians
fact checking
Words Into Type
AP –
Chicago Manual of Style –

Content sections
Sections have been thought of as a method of structuring content, and managing editiorial access, but can also be used to cultivate relationships between writers, editors, and media.

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