Meeting Minutes – support call 11/04/2011

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Meeting Minutes

Date: 11/04/2011
Location: Skype
In attendance: Lippe, Patricia

Agenda thread is here.

Current Google Form System

We feel an auto-responder would be appropriate to give initial recognition of feedback. Appears as though it’s not possible w/Google form. May be possible using scripts.

Patricia offered to help respond to current form feedback, needs to be allowed to send-as support@ (this has been done 11/4)

We feel feedback should be separated:

  • Authentication/Registration issue (Could be linked to via login form)
  • Site use support
  • General Feedback

Moving from Google Form

Patricia will investigate and set-up demos of WordPress plugins designed for site comments/support.

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  1. MikeC

    Meeting Notes for Internet Working Group Meeting: 11-6-2011

    I have not been able to figure out how to post the meeting notes directly to the Docs sections, where other meeting notes are posted. So, I am posting them here as a comment the previous Meeting Notes. Perhaps someone can move them up in the Docs section.


    There are now wireframe mockups now on
    Here is the link:
    We encourage more wireframes.
    Margaritte, in UX, is implementing the CSS. The mockup is in a post called facelift.

    The FGA project needs help with people to do interviewing and/or transcribe interviews. The interviews will be done by next Friday. There will be three interviews per occupation, for 10 occupations.

    There is now development / staging / production envirinoments for several projects; these include projects such as Zimbra, an advanced email system.

    There was a meeting on Wednesday for the Wiki project. There are our main use case for Wikis
    – Resources for groups
    – For Collaborative documents projects
    – For projects that span multiple areas
    – For Documentation of better practices among different occupation groups

    It was noted that the Outreach WG is also putting together a similar guidebook

    Wikis are really great for doing research without having to know markup
    The link for the Wiki is:
    News Feed from different occupations

    There will soon be office space at 50 Wal St; should have access by next week

    Support now has 3 people. Trying to build a very condensed backlog of key issues.

    There is a need for teachers to show how to use Skype: 412 Broadway at 9:00 pm.

    Network access needs some foundational work, to be back online within the park within the week. Freddom Tower 2 will have a server for audio / video / chat. VPN is set up already with LA, Austin, San Antonio.

    Volunteer form: 17 signups since last week.

    Agenda Items

    MikeC presented his view about the need for Mobile:
    – There is an urgent need for internet access for people living in the camps. Mobile is probably the best way to achieve this on a broad scale.
    – One approach to Mobile is the Adobe Flex / AIR system. This allows devs to write a single code-base (ActionScrip / MXML) that can create native apps for both iOS (iPhone / iPad) and Android (phones / tablets). The Flex system can allow mobile app development for both the WordPress ( and Drupal (FGA) web projects.
    – HTML5 is working well in several ways that can provide easy mobile app development for multiple OSes, multiple devices, etc. This also can allow mobile access for both the WordPress ( and Drupal (FGA) web projects.

    Sam Boyer provided some clarification about what he is looking for in the “integrator / coordinator” positions for the FGA projet (Note: Sam was not present, but his views were presented by MikeC, who spoke with Sam by Skype earlier that day)

    integrator / Coordinator roles
    – responsible for organizing meetings,
    – they need to communicate effectively
    – they should be points of contact that people coming in can be directed to.
    – there must be good cross-communication between sub-projects
    – Sam wants to have meetings with about 8 persons (coordinators) who represent the full range of FGA issues, with a total of about 30 people working on the FGA project.

    RonS: expressed concern about Project Management, and that he felt the Drupal developers were apparently going to take over the site from the WordPress developers.

    Lippe said that he is a Drupal developer, but has been working to support the WordPress site.

    Drew: we need to figure out what to do for the SpokesCouncil meeting: Monday 7:00 pm unknown locatoin
    –¬†how are we going to represent everything:
    – should we have a single spoke for Tech to represent IWG / FLO

    There was a long discussion about whether the IWG should only oing have one voice on the Spokes Council, or more.

    Drew: we do need to have
    1) A charter
    we already have draft charter online
    2) A spoke
    3) some ideas to discuss

    Drew’s Proposal: have a single “Tech Operations Group” that include both the IWG and Open Source groups.

    Evan: we are working to get an internet tent on the site. He was at GA to present an emergency message, and said that only 4 people said they were living on site

    Project Management
    Ron: wants to have a PM who rotates, and who priorities key issues

    Lippe: we need to have a lot more devs if we are going to have enough people to work with a volunteer system