meeting minutes – – 2012/01/20

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1/20/2012 Newswire work session
Attending: Liza, Devin, Dana, Drew, Lippe


Clarify news vs. newswire presentation
Get project history, people involved, if/how install is customized from base MN install
Project management

  • Clarify project members involvement
  • Need for dev instance?
  • Hosting
  • PM tool

Channels & Taxonomy

  • Nesting
  • MSM content
  • Tech project news aggregation
  • UX development
  • Taxonomy management, harmonized groupings, XML synonym management

UX for curators

  • Right side bar detailing workflow for volunteers
  • Full volunteer documentation as page / using roles to create contexts

XML feed design
Work Flow
QA & problem reporting (e.g. Katie sent a spam notice to the tech list)

Notes & next steps

Actionable items are bold w/@

Clarify news vs. newswire presentation
Proposed: Newswire(Drupal) as curation and structuring backend + News(custom code) as light frontend

  • Simple frontent could serve as a “honeypot” for attracting developers?
  • Could this be in Ruby to capture/provide a project for another skill set?

Agreement: Develop custom Drupal frontend and custom code frontend in parallel for a week or so, revisit issue.

  • Continue dev on news.occupy (@Drew)
  • Theme a dev instance of newswire/Drupal install (@Liza)
  • Create dev instances for organizational experimentation – (@Lippe)

Get project history, people involved

  • Reach out for info any customization from base MN profile – cedewey? (@Lippe)

Project management

  • Redmine, update wiki and remove bettermeans, migrate tickets (@Drew)
  • Connect with Sam about hosting: What are the specs, can it be upgraded and stay on devcloud? (@Lippe)

Channels & Taxonomy

  • Investigate managing feed sources intended to be kept discrete from movement feeds. (@)
  • Tech project needs listings don’t seem appropriate for news/newswire, possibly good for general tech project updates
  • Investigate taxonomy & synonym management (@)

Re-organize channels / taxonomy
* organize feeds for curators
* organize channels for users
– set up as top level channels (which are books)
– clean up taxonomy for curated tagging of content
– how to facet the feeds & taxonomy

– look like Google News?
– pull out lists
– panels?

ROLES (Drupal permission roles)

  • Build Admins
    • Themes, architecture
  • Web Admins
    • Site & community management
  • Channel Admins
    • Create channels & subchannels
    • Adds feeds
  • News Curators
    • Tag feed items
    • Promoting
    • Possibly form teams instead of creating hierachy for promoting content

Adding a documentation layer with
– CoolAid
– Modal Frames

MN data architecture overview:

Bike rack
Dave Weiner –

Thiagos hot mess:
Define/Map out JS/PHP requests/responses for public interface (api)?
options = {
dateRange: {
start: mmddyyyy,
end: mmddyyyy

Off the cuff
net.occupy.newswire.requestFeeds( options )
net.occupy.newswire.requestChannel( ‘cannelName’, options )
net.occupy.newswire.requestFeedsByTags( Array( ‘tag’,’tag2′,… ), options )
net.occupy.newswire.requestPostById( postId )
.. and many many more!

From Devin?
Content Management Workflow (from email about content/training)
Unregistered users:
* build resource portals on the wiki.

Registered users:
* Add tags to content items
* Maintain channel tags
* Keep the ‘harmonized tags’ page on the wiki updated
* Add location based events, pictures, and videos to the Maps [can unregistered users do this?]
* Build resources on the wiki.
* Add/Remove feeds and channels – log changes in the wiki

CRM Users
* Reach out to post authors to organize #topic newsletters
* Recruit site admins to take a “newswire training”

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  1. Jessie Curtis

    Hi Lippe,

    I’ve been following your posts from Tech Ops and I think the way things are going is just great. There’s lots of tech-type stuff that I can’t follow, but it seems to indicate expanding the audience and making participation in the OWS movement easier. I like the idea of teams for forming/promoting content … Jess