Meeting Minutes January 5, 2012

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January 5, 2012 3:00pm Charlotte’s Place


In Attendance: Nick Thommen, Sarah Zwickel, Darrell, Steve, Sparkle, Mae, Herolie, Charlie, Casper, Katrina, Becky, Channing, Nick Gehrls



Daily task list

Conduct criteria/enforcement



Project management

HR needs

Follow up with Newark about tents


            Utilizing carts

            Comfort and laundry

            Comfort or SIS trips to Brooklyn

            Personal items Jan. 15

            Access to 52 Broadway/hours of operation; how to post changes


Items for task list:

Trash – needs to be taken out between 6:30 and 8:00pm per building

UPS run – Monday, Wednesday, Friday


Bathrooms, Tea/coffee station, Floors (swept and mopped) twice per week

Food table as needed – daily or multiple times per week

Brooklyn run

Casper suggested the need for SIS presence on facebook and twitter that could be updated, suggestion of updating on Tuesday

Donation needs on Commblast

Places to get urgent needs cheaply – Casper has a contact at a thrift store, Mae knows of a Goodwill

Nick Thommen is in charge of updating the needs via Commblast


Issues have arisen in regards to occupier behavior in the UFT building and in SIS; clear conduct guidelines need to be communicated

Occupiers must enter through the back door on New Street. They must show a photo ID, get approval from someone in SIS via the guard at the back door, and respect the guards at all times.

If a situation should arise, it is suggested that more than one person, preferably 3 people, will make the decision to ban someone from SIS when their behavior is deemed inappropriate, i.e. threatening, violent, or other inappropriate conduct. The ban will generally last a week unless the severity calls for a more extensive ban from SIS or the UFT building. These decisions will be transparent – they will be decided on by aforementioned committee and will then be discussed at the weekly meeting so the situation and identity will be recorded in the minutes. An appeals process will be available.


Once the shelves are removed, working groups with storage in SIS will be asked to come in and organize their areas. Extra shelves will likely be available to groups.

Casper mentioned placing street medics’ supplies separate from medical

Nick T. called for medical to make that decision, not SIS

This week, there will be a major cleaning project in response to the move. The issue can be revisited.


Per Nick, there is a Housing proposal in GA for determining what is “OWS property” such as tents, tarps, and sleeping bags. Because clothing items have such rapid turnover, he suggests that those items not be inventoried.


Project Management:

Darrell suggests that members of SIS keep a record of tasks that they are working on. No objections.


HR Needs:

Volunteers are needed at 52 Broadway. 10 needed to help load truck tomorrow (meeting members volunteered)

It is suggested that SIS volunteers have a consistent place to store their items during their shift. The bottom two shelves of the tea/coffee station is suggested with no objections.


Newark request for tents:

Per Nick, Newark’s proposal for supplies listed $50/sleeping bag and $100 per tent but there has been some discrepancy over this value. The military tents purchased were over $1,000. Also because of previous issues with Newark, there was a Friendly Amendment to their proposal that OWS give items rather than money.

Darrell offered to discuss with Newark

Nick T. said Finance was dealing with these discrepancies with Newark


Steve wants to purchase a handtruck for SIS

Prices mentioned ranged from $70 to $400. Research and a proposal were suggested with no objections.

Comfort – laundry has been stacking up in SIS. Comfort has not picked it up. Per Darrell, Christine in Comfort blocked an effort in Spokes Council to get the laundry done because Comfort had budget set aside for that purpose. Mae is going to coordinate with Christine to verify that position.

Channing has a list of resources for free laundry. Sparkle said that one of those places is closed (E. 32nd St?). Mae said that the Comfort page has links to places to get laundry, food, etc.


Discussion about Comfort rolling into SIS. Comfort has been dealing with its own internal issues.

SIS is pickup, storage, distribute

Steve – Comfort and SIS direct

Mae – liaison Comfort to SIS

Darrell – SIS will help staff, organize; Comfort will actively look for people

Casper – agrees with Darrell; SIS will carry Comfort temporarily

Steve – Comfort is not working, SIS should run it

Charlie – Comfort should be close with SIS, like Library

Mae suggests tabling discussions and decisions over Comfort

Access to 52 Broadway

Monday through Friday, 10-8. Thursday, SIS will be closed from 2:30 – 4:30 for the weekly meeting. Saturday and Sunday, 10-4. There is no access to the building on federal holidays. SIS will be closed 2 hours prior to major actions.

Groups with access: Kitchen, Medical, Library, Archives, Sanitation, Jail Support, Housing, Town Planning, SPG

Personal items

January 15 is the last day to claim personal items from SIS. On January 16, any clothing items, bags, etc. will be considered donations. This notice has been broadcast on NYCGA and CommBlast.


Meeting adjourned.

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