Meeting Minutes January 30, 2012

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January 30, 2012 4:30pm SIS

In Attendance: Nick Thommen, Sarah, Darrell, Casper, Shane, Alice


Access to 52 Broadway

Food in SIS


Point People

Access to 52 Broadway

Building security list updated to include the following people as open/close point people:

Nick Thommen

Sarah Zwickel

Katrina Corbell

Shane Stoops

Darrell Prince

Casper OWS

Alice Maule

Food in SIS

No open food or drinks in SIS until further notice due to people not cleaning up after themselves.



We need to develop a monthly budget and/or a food budget via Kitchen.

Block from Nick re: food budget

Darrell doesn’t think that 60 Wall is adequately providing food

Casper proposed $200/week food budget through Kitchen, to be used to provide:

Ice for a cooler to refrigerate the food we procure through dumpster diving

Food when 60 wall has no food and we have no food from dumpster diving


Receipts must be provided, any remainder is returned to Kitchen

Nick’s block removed on the stipulation that any remainder is not used to buy gift cards


To unfreeze funds, we need a monthly budget.

For trash bags and toilet paper, we are going to use shipping budget. We will also check with the building janitorial staff for an allowance. $60/month should cover the cost. Report back once purchased.


Point People

Financial: Nick Thommen, Shane Stoops

Metrocards and Housing: Nick Thommen, Darrell Prince

UPS pickups (required to show ID): Nick Thommen, Sarah Zwickel, Casper OWS

Per Finance: only Nick can pickup the letter mail for now. He is leaving in a month, the point person for mail can be changed then.

Casper is promoted to administrator on

Meeting adjourned.

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