Meeting Minutes January 12, 2012

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January 12, 2012 3:00pm SIS


In Attendance: Nick Thommen, Sarah, Steve, Katrina, Colin, Shane



Access to 52 Broadway/hours of operation updates

Discretionary fund spending

Point People

Access to 52 Broadway/hours of operation updates

Hours updated on group page, weekend hours now reflect closing at 3pm

Building security list updated to include the following people as open/close point people:

Nick Thommen

Steve Iskovitz

Sarah Zwickel

Chris Mapp

Katrina Corbell

Shane Stoops

Darrell Prince

Colin Laws

Monday through Friday, 10-8. Saturday and Sunday, 10-3.

Thursday, SIS will be closed from 2:30 – 4:30 for the weekly meeting.

There is no access to the building on federal holidays.

SIS will be closed 2 hours prior to major actions.

Groups with access: Kitchen, Library, Archives, Sanitation, Jail Support, Housing, Town Planning, Outreach, and Screenprinter’s Guild


Discretionary fund spending

Because traveling to 60 Wall is not an efficient use of time, lunch will be provided to anyone working in the Brooklyn space.

If acquiring metrocards through Housing or a transportation group (rumored to be forming), then SIS will use the fund – preference given to those who travel to the Brooklyn space.

Point People

Financial: Nick Thommen, Steve Iskovitz

Metrocards and Housing: Nick Thommen, Darrell Prince

Meeting adjourned.

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