Meeting Minutes – Internet Working Group 11/8/2011

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Internet Working Group Meeting: November 8, 2011

Report Backs:

  • Spokes-council
  • CSS, .net, wordpress updates
  • Huffington Post potential partnership
  • Google Apps
  • Zimbra Data Center Update


  • Review Homepage Wireframes
  • FGA

Spokes Council Report Backs

  • “Technology” represented as a single spoke. Signals is a separate spoke focused on “on the ground” communication.
  • Technology accepted as one of 12 operational groups that were accepted into the spokes-council.
  • ~30 groups remain to be integrated into the spokes-council.

Internet Site

  • Ron has been adding hierarchical pages to the current internet site.
  • Problem: the current system doesn’t treat “teams” and “groups” appropriately.
  • Under each team, there’s an “Ideas” team and an “Action” page.
  • The “Liason” page is critical to supporting inter-group collaboration. Ideally, internet group member would input your name and the group that you’re aiding. It’s just the beginning of us not stepping on each other’s toes and duplicating efforts.
  • Volunteers needed: Developers could be used to further blow this out.

Huffington Post Report Back

  • Huffington Post want to help OWS. We don’t know yet exactly how. CSS Report Back

  • Reskin hopefully going to launch tomorrow. The reskinned elements include updated hero and re-categorized groups.


Server Report Back

  • Couple of million of requests are hitting the server per day. Translates to 20,000 visitors a day. Improvements are being made incrementally. Report Back

  • Splash page going to be launched tonight. First version sometime next week.


Zimbra Report Back

  • Run into some problems with management of the data center. We’re looking for additional IT administrators
  • New stage: integration of membership lists.
  • FYI: Zimbra is an open source MS exchange
  • Call for volunteers: 2 people who could help out with this integration.


Tutorial Video Report Back

  • Project: Somebody from Architecture wants to create tutorial videos for different groups.

Agenda Item 1: Wireframes

Analytics 101:

  • 71% Site visits are new
  • Bounce rate is super low 23%
  • 2.44 average minutes spent on site.
  • Top pages visited:
  1. Declaration of the occupation of New York
  2. Donate
  3. Who We are
  4. Groups
  5. September 17
  6. __
  7. General Assembly Guide


Feature prioritization discussion.

  • A great functionality would be faceted search.
  • A lot of requests for global search
  • Donate is missing right now from 2 of the wireframes. Needed.
  • Call out for group: Please comment on wireframes that are posted on the Internet working group’s site (Under the “News” tabs).
  • Livestream really important.
  • Donate button important.
  • Donate button as part of the nav is a UX problem.
  • Multi-variate testing could be leveraged to finalize placement.


Content ownership/ editorial oversight problem.

  • Some people ask all the time how they can get content posted. Who gets control of what content is featured on the HP – especially on the News & Bulletins??
  • We could encourage working groups to develop their own content
  • A lot of groups could feel left out of this content development effort, because internet is spotty in the park.
  • Right now, that “news and bulletins” slot could include important call-outs like “Spokescouncil tonight” or
  • What really matters is that internet group makes personal connections with other groups to promote greater inclusion of groups on the ground.
  • Media, PR, Info – those are the people who are ultimately going to responsible for determining content on the site.
  • Needs to have some kind of editorial control over what events are being displayed.
  • There are some basic things that don’t need to be included in calendar, like the GA or spokescouncil.


List of things we’d like to see on the Homepage:

  • Donate
  • Basic Events
  • Call to action image
  • Livestream
  • Explain the purpose of the site: this is specifically a tool for the people of the General
  • Contact Information
  • Assemblies (?) – Not sure what this is intended to do
  • Way of finding document easily
  • Addition to Nav – Documents

Action: UX group will refine a single direction, incorporating input from group, and re-post for review – Group should review and submit comment.

Agenda Point 2: Federated General Assembly

  • Intention for project: Federated occupied network. Support interconnectivity between occupations. Features would be very similar to those in place currently on
  • Problem it’s trying to solve: right now, whenever a communication channel is opened, it immediately gets flooded. With
  • Timeline: About 3 months.
  • Structure: Build personas, Wireframes, Visual, Dev.
  • What should happen on day 1: We need a one click system that immediately allows an occupation group to create an instance
  • Clarifying question: what role does the internet working group play in this project?
  • FGA not solely going to serve New York, but project will report back to group and will be offered to nyc for the internet group to consider for deployment
  • Where we the project is now: Interviews. We’re hoping to sample 30 people from many occupations
  • Ways to get involved: Need help transcribing interviews.
  • Question about how to find online: It’s odd to set up on the New York Site.
  • Sign up on:
  • Being built with Drupal
  • Four major areas of work: Backend work, front-end implementation of design, UX, User feedback process.


Agenda Point 3: Problem with adding groups.

  • People are having problem adding groups.
  • Info is supposed to be adding groups, but logistical problem on-site are prohibiting this.
  • Proposal: Continue using current policy. Groups that are recognized.
  • Proposal: What if admins ping group and say – you’ve been inactive for X number of days, do you still exist?
  • Twinkle: we need to have a combined meeting with info to iron out this process

Action Items

  • Update wireframes and post for review
  • Meet with Info group to iron out process for adding new groups

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