Meeting Minutes – General Meeting 10/30/11

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Alternative Economy General Meeting

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Meeting Minutes

By: Rob



–          Sarah’s table is missing after march on Wednesday

  • Michael’s table is still at the location
  • Chairs are still at or around location
  • A few flyers disappeared from table
  • It is presumed that the table is still somewhere on site
    • Sergio and Dale scanned obvious areas, but to no avail
  • We will search for table
    • We should find a way to get another table to use / for Sarah if original table does not eventually turn up

–          Tabling materials and times

  • According to Sergio and Dale, who have been occupying the table site, the most important times to be tabling are 10AM to 7PM – late morning to the General Assembly – 7 days a week.
    • Split tabling times into shifts?
      • 11-3 / 3-7 ?
  • Printing materials: Working groups have $100 dollar printing budget a week
    • Email materials and they will print it
    • This is roughly 1000 sheets a week
    • Issue a CALL OUT to the group for PDFs / docs to print
    • Set up a dropbox/google docs? Page for hosting PDFs



–          Worker Co-op Subcommittee

  • Print Co-op is being developed
    • 2 – Step Plan
      • Begin with OWS printing needs
      • Expand beyond to radical, other printing needs
    • Donated space is in Brooklyn
      • Maybe have a computer station set up at the park?
  • Kitchen WG wants to start a worker cooperative
    • They also expressed interest in having a big copy of the solidarity NYC map
      • Maybe they can use their printing funds (they are most funded group) to print out another map?  Maybe we can split it?
    • Sergio will follow up
  • CO-OP subgroup meeting MONDAY (tonight) at 5:30
    • Jose cannot create events
    • Make more people admins (i.e. anyone who wants to create an event)

–          Move Your Money Subcommittee

  • Teach in Friday 6-8 at the New School
      • Katie offered to film it, if the New School / someone else isn’t already
      • Will check with Liz and others about filming possibility
      • OWS Think Tank wants to collate such educational materials, will send to them
    • Occupy Sunset Park
      • Local Occupy branch in sunset park focused on anti-gentrification is very interested in move your money education
        • They fear the local chase is eating up their financial activity at no benefit to the community, They’re interested in switching to amalgamated bank, or other alternatives, but don’t have enough information, so they want someone to come to their Saturday 10AM meeting
          • Brett may be able to go; has experience with REC and Amalgamated Bank; if not, we can put together resources for them
          • Dan (from the group) will be in touch with us (he’s on our listserv)


–          2012 is UN Year of the Cooperative

  • BOO YAH (i.e. people are excited)

–          Center for Popular Economics is having Radical Economics Teach Ins at Zucotti

  • Every Sunday at 10:30 AM

–          Schumacher Lectures on November 5 (see Sarah’s Email for details about reduced pricing)



–          Buy Local Subcommittee?

  • A buy local directory of sorts – yellow pages minus big businesses
    • ‘ ‘already has a similar list
    • Solidarity nyc map goes beyond just local
    • Brooklyn food co-op has partial food retail map listing those who get from local sources
  • Should be a connective effort
    • Link interested people into these various directories
      • Table sort of accomplishes this
        • Perhaps we can condense links to one sheet
        • Or start a new thread / doc on webpage?
    • Conversation will continue

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