Meeting Minutes from Friday, February 3rd (John R)

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OF FRIDAY, FEB 3, 2012

(1) Prof. Richard Wolff’s

Manifesto For Economic Democracy and Ecological Sanity 

Group agreed to read over weekend, and discuss at Monday’s meeting;

(2) Valentine’s Day Action, Feb 14, 2012

(a)   Press Release: we will work together with Media / PR WG; Pete and Eco will be media contacts, and will coordinate with each other; we should review press release;

(b)   Performers (Eco is coordinating)

(i)                 Rev Billy
(ii)               Raging Grannies (possibly)
(iii)             Sufi dancing
(iv)             Street theater piece

Other OWS and Activist Groups involvement

(i)                 Organizing for Occupation
(ii)               Mountain Justice
(iii)             Take Back the Land (Brooklyn)
(iv)             OccupyTown Square
(v)               Security (will be there at noon)
(vi)             PULSE
(vii)           Occupy Kitchen

(d)   Scheduling

(i)                 Events start at noon; Security WG will be present at noon; volunteers should
                      be present at noon for set-up

(ii)               Health treats and snack will be provided at 2 pm by Occupy Kitchen

(iii)             Music starting at 3 pm; pulse will be invited;

(iv)             Direct Action focus is for 4:00 pm

(v)               Speakers at 4:00 or 4:15 pm;

(vi)             Dinner at 6:00 pm

 (e)    Scheduling Conflicts

Should we ask other groups and GA to hold their meetings inWashingtonSq.Parkon 2/14?

 (f)    Flyers

 Pete and Eco will design new, revised flyer; will post on GA / OWS ES WG website (WordPress site); Flyer will contain detailed schedule of Events of the day; will be simplified;

 (g)   Visions and Goals Document

           We need to locate and review.

(h) Luna’s List of Items to Keep in Mind for Direct Actions

We need to locate and review.

 (j) Separate Preparatory Meeting for Making Signs and Banners

Location, date, and time will be decided on google group or by doodle (Johanna)

 (3) 99-For-Earth

 Already done considerable organizing;

  1. Resolution has already passed GA
  2. Fossil-fuerl oriented; is very involved
  3. Focus is on building for March 23, 24;
  4. How can anti-nuke message be included?
  5. Could help form network;
  6. Peace march to Vermont Yankee;
  7. Meetings on Wednesdays and Saturdays;

 (4) Eco-Cluster

 Will be held, Saturday, 2/4/2012 atBrooklynFreeSchool;372 Clinton Street;

 Patrick is sending out email notice;

 Purpose of meeting is to establish framework; there are many questions of process;

 What is purpose of Eco-Cluster?;

 One purpose: How to co-ordinate all the separate OWS ecology-oriented Working Groups;

 (There may be a link for Eco Summit live-streaming up on-line already.)

 OWS Enviro Solidarity will present proposals to the Eco Cluster, as follows:

 (i)                 democratic process, and transparency;

(ii)               sharing information among working groups;

(iii)             enabling and supporting each other’s actions and events;

(iv)             scoping out range of actions that are currently planned by OWS and other

(v)               resolving tensions between community-building and direct action orientation;  
                    finding ways to do both-and rather than either-or;

(vi)             building toward some combined city-wide action;

Clarification of role and name of eco-buddies as affinity group when doing DA; otherwise it is same people as sub-group that works on zines (under different name);

 (5) Proposal for OWS ES WG to meet once a week for two hours rather than twice a week;

ACTION: Johanna to send out doodle to canvass participants as to which date and time would work if the proposal is adopted.  Proposal will be re-considered at Monday’s OWS ES WG meeting for possible consensus;


(6) Proposal to change name of OWS Environmentalist Solidarity WG;

Peter R proposed “Environment” WG.  Tabled till next meeting;




Sustainability WG will hold panel, film screening, and teach-in on

February 26, 2pm – 8 pm.


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