Technology Operations Meeting Minutes 12/06/11

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Meeting Minutes

Tech Ops Meeting 12/6/11


ATTENDANCE: Dan, Shawn, Zack, Matt L, Andrew, Devin, Dana, Ravi, Tom, Ted, Eduardo, Michael, David S, Jake, Patricia, Max, Brad




-Comm Cluster:

  • Distribution of group requirements
  • Will be discussed further in a break-out post meeting

– Web Ecosystem Conversation

  • Michael Badger trying to coordinate this conversation to bring people together from many many websites
  • Next step: Conference call (in-person component in NYC?)
  • Dan: video conference would be ideal
  • Michael should keep connecting people
  • Jason Samel ( and Jake had a phone call to help get communication back on track.

– Live Stream:

  • Dan is working with Livestream (occupynyc) to help them boost their tech capabilities

– Michael from Philly

  • Michael is here from Philly. He is working on homeless situation and
  • The site is a social networking site where people upload videos and offer solutions, to link people on an emotional level
  • He thinks this “human relations” aspect isn’t being explored enough, which is why he has built this site
  • Building it on Drupal
  • Want to add translation to it
  • Michael wants to be on the Tech Ops team to continue working on it

-Earth Summit

  • Started public relations campaign, building website
  • They expect lots of press and buzz.
  • The site is built in Joomla
    • Is highly functional with an extremely deep social network system
    • Is regionalized
    • lots to offer
  • Jake: concern of redundancy with all these new projects?
  • Eduardo: recognizes jake’s concern
    • Suggests standards
  • – Volunteer On-boarding:
  • Shawn: Reaching out to Volunteer Form
    • Can provide resources for other projects
    • Drew: Make sure the wiki pages for the projects are satisfactory




– December 18th Site


  • going live
  • Need DNS from Dan
  • Tom giving Andrew shell access to work with Liza to install Drupal
    • Giving admin access to Devin and Liza
  • This is only as a temporary domain. Maybe move on to a different URL later.


– Office Point Person

  • Tom is current point-person, but is slacking
  • Point-Person is a big job
    • Keeper of Google Spreadsheet
    • Must update before 4:00 PM every day
    • Supposed to hold key for working group
    • Go to Office Coordinators’ Meeting
    • Represent needs of group to Office
  • Drew: Maybe we have 3 point-people and each one is responsible for replacing themselves
  • Volunteers? For December?
    • Jake
    • Drew
    • Proposal: Jake, Tom, and Drew are empowered to decide amongst themselves who the 2 point people will be

– CO/Op Formations

  • Do we want to form a break-out group to discuss Co-Op Options?
  • Will require a separate meeting to discuss possibilities
  • Dana will email people who volunteers (Devin, Patricia, Ravi, Ted, Eduardo, Shawn, Dan)


– Group Re-Activation

  • Trying to figure out language of post
  • Trying to figure out categorization
    • We decided to label them as Operations Groups or Caucuses only (condensed at last meeting)
    • Can be viewable separately if you choose to
    • Should there be a Movement Groups Tab? Should there be a Working Groups Tab?
    • Drew: “Working Group” = Other
    • Dan: suggests 4-tab labeling with “All”, “Operations”, “Caucuses”, and “Other”
    • Should there be “Other”?
      • Yes – it would be a good way to filter. Gives equal treatment to all categories
        • Should it be called “Other”? “Working Groups”?
        • Andrew: call it “Unclassified”
        • Straw Poll: Uncategorized: Positive
          • Consensus
  • How do we introduced new groups?
    • Can’t users just make groups?
      • Jake: Major concern
    • Is there institutional memory?
      • Used to be info desk forms
      • Used to be just GA announcements
      • Used to be all groups with a single purpose
      • Used to just be based on precedence
    • Are we looking out for attacks? Spam?
    • Can Tech do this?
    • Patricia: There was a group registration form. I made it a google form.
  • What are the mandatory requirements?
    • Have you announced your group at GA? When?
    • Proposal form Drew:
      • Google Form which includes
        • Required Fields:
          • BP Required Fields:
            • Name
            • Description
          • Other:
            • Non-required fields
            • Required non-BP fields
            • Checkboxes for agreements
      • Concerns:
        • Process be documented on post
      • FA:  Allow non-BP required but form-required fields
        • Accepted with good faith
      • FA: Can the process of making the form be online?
        • Not accepted
      • Drew re-states proposal w/ FA
        • Test for consensus:  Confusion
      • Patricia restates proposal: CONSENSUS!
  • – Letter Language
    • Matt: “Net results” sentence is in the wrong place or should not exist at all. Strike sentence and just put “we apologize…” at the end
    • Patricia: Can we have a bulleted summary with the key points and then link to these details?
    • Shawn: swap paragraphs 1 and 2
  • Accounting Point Person
    • Matt: Nominate Devin
    • Dan: Volunteers
    • Shawn: Volunteers
    • Shawn and Dan?
      • Consensus!
  • Vanity Phone number
    • Vanity phone number? 1-855-NYGCA411
      • $100 cost
      • Transferable
    • Concerns:
      • Patricia: Does 411 sound too much like it would be the Info/CommHub number?
      • Patricia: Blackberry’s (and other phones with QWERTY keypads) can be complicated to dial vanity numbers on
      • Matt: We’ll always display the full number too.
    • Test for consensus: CONSENSUS

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