Meeting Minutes for Tech Ops Meeting 11/27/11

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Tech Ops Minutes, Nov 27, 60 Wall Street
Intros of attendees
Report backs
* Social media
Working with PR and beginning to take analytics
Adding social media accounts at MemoLane (we know some people there)
Looking for suggestions and tools
* ComCluster
What is ComCluster: Media, Press, Tech, OWS En Espanol, Info, Outreach, ComHub
A breakout group was formed: proposal to empower ComCluster to reach out to groups to solicit info from working groups to update their info on the site.
ComCluster woudl be empowered under this proposal to delete working groups from the site which do not respond to contacts.
Meeting again, 2PM Monday at 60 Wall.
Concern: Avoiding redundancy on the wiki – should not be a place for groups to post contact info.
* PermaBank
Ori taking a week off to launch.  more staffed up.  Do they need tech lead / dev ops?  after hours work space available.
* Earth Summit
earth summit: building occupy earth summit website – workgroup campaign site.  occupation of un earth summit in june.  global events around it.
planning to launch mid-december.
** news
75 feeds in the system
** wiki
staffed by mediawiki volunteers
** notes
this application right nere
** map
localization. needs domain wildcards.  needs volunteers for content curation and moderation.  comhub and outreach want to get on board.  thursday night meeting.
sprintboard.occupyeverythinginfo  – whiteboard / todo emulator
Have instructions for how to translate the tools into other languages through google translate.
* Server Migration
existing server has working local installs for developers.  is optimized to run on a single 4gb server instance.  migration in progress – setting up 2 loadbalanced servers – 1 for static content, and one for logged-in users.  We’re disussing budget on Panix tonight, but the donation deal is not indefinite.   It was for “2 or 3 months”
Needs centralized communication for developers; might try Better means
* – page needs updating; working on it.
* TimeBanking
Software isn’t opensource yet.  TechOps can add an evaluation instance, or use the timebank features in django.  Should connect with Alternate Currencies to bottom-line the project.
* InterOcc
Movement building is in leading this process.  Site:
Someone from tech will work with the group has a Ted style event planned for Dec 31, 2011 (planned for Madison Square Garden)
* December 18th Training
NY Netroots.  5k to 10k – Charles Lenchner is organizing netroots on the 17th.  Trainings for technology.  “open forums.”
* Virtualization
Backup and testing server for all apps
Add that to existing Panix servers
* FreedomTower
Most of freedom tower has been re-assembled, should be done by end of the week
Industrial space in Brooklyn to start assembling kits – open hardware
Breakout session
* Volunteer Management
need an online solution for management of one-time tasks.  more timebank than CRM.
Volunteer services point of entry for volunteer management
* 8k Budget for office
– 10 laptops (used under $250)
– 4 desktops ($250 or less)
– Monitors ($90 or less)
– Mobile projects ($350)
– Netbooks for shared use (3 total for $400 each)
– Wacom tablet
– Camera ($100)
We need a process for donated hardware
– Data removal
– Cosistent OS
* Budget figures for recurring expenses should be submitted to Ravi ASAP
Add your budget needs to thread on the forum
– Hosting, SSL, Sendgrid, SMS, Domain Registration
Formalize project based that reports back to meetings
Structures for individual projects with one point person to deliver weekly reports
Report backs have two forms, verbal at meetings or the wiki if not able to attend
Inter-project coordinated through point person for each project
Has some similarity to Agile PM meetings/group in place already
May need guidelines/processes to make this happen
Promote best practices – talked about in Agile PM
Role of point person: Coordinator vs. leader discussion
– someone responsible for report-backs
Vocal opposition to idea of “leader”
Autonomy of project group
    – Funnelling discussions back to group as necessary
    – potential limit on who contributes to discussions- who do we email about stuff?
Required elements for project:
    Actual contact person
    Documentation of what you’re doing: wiki, mailing list, whatever
* GA approval for a privacy policy and terms of use for, etc.
* pushing GA to get the Group Creation process sorted out, esp for Mvt groups

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