Meeting Minutes for Tech Ops Meeting 11/22/11

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– No agenda items = no headings

– Report back from spokes council showing a need for a meeting with media, PR, info, and design to talk about  Last night, Patrick from spoke in his capacity about a complaint in the use of the word “official” about despite GA approval.  The word official has been removed pending further convos.  200 uniques / day on currently, so exposure is critical.

– Google Apps setup – Kitchen, outreach, and media set up. Kitchen and outreach have GV #.

– Reporting back from Comhub and Info meeting yesterday.  Positive results. Team w/ Kobi and others to create GA proposal for next Monday’s com cluster meeting for Tuesday Night GA. Group purge / reachout. E-mails could be min requirement for groups.

– Meeting w/ all the stakeholders in maps

– Twitter camp for social media training proposed. More social media organization. Social media branch of techops

– We need to start to build a Twitter network to capitalize on followers. Wiki page under resources.

– Issues with content curation on OccupyMap – Mic check Obama

– Using Volunteer Services group to solve volunteer issues to curate maps, news (social media?) – Start of a volunteer DB, 500 responses through Org for volunteer work

– E-mail Policy is still in progress

– Social media discussion – We want to centralize content distribution while keeping the personal aspect of social in-tact – merge into Newswire?

– Part of the plan for FGA is flexibility in how groups are assigned

– DA will contact about organizing maps for coordinating direct action

– Discussion w/ Sage about Permabank

– Devon’s proposal about migrating Google Apps and NYCGA from Internet -> Tech is moving forward

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