Meeting Minutes for 1/6/11 Info-ComHub Meeting

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Intros. Attendees: Evanelina, Megan, Hunter, Nina, Jake, Josh, Justin, Christine, James, Ravi, Ronny.

Suggested Adgenda-
2) Bullitein page building
1) Followup on GA
James Network Mapping project
3) convo
4) Info

[numbers equal assigned order]

1) Followup on GA proposal
Ravi: we have gathered info re: where the different groups are at, provided info about this proposal at GA/spokes/etc, we are going to divide the list into at least 4, some groups are almost there, some need way more help, how to take minutes, give internet access, etc. There will probably be a group which will be hostile, thats ok, we’ll still do our best to work with them.
-Probably the 4 or 5 days after the 20th are going to be a total shitstorm, because thats when this will come into effect, we will send an email to tech, accounting, sis, after the 20th

jake: when tech ops gets this email, do we just delete people?

ravi: no, inactivate for at least a week so that their data isnt deleted.

justin: GSD group MWF at charlottes place at 2pm, getting smaller groups together

christine: we’re gonna be available to put stuff on the website, breakout with ravi to figure out exactly when, lets announce that at spokes.

2) Bulletin

jake: Greg is developing. Replacing Bulletin page on with an info-comhub page. blurbs about what is info comhub, what is ows. Lots of tabs. Voice announcements. Celly feed from comhub, events calendar. We also want to get into using sub blogs.

james: Do we have metrics in how people are using sub blogs now?

justin: if you start doing it, people will come.

Hey what is our name? It seems like this fits under info agenda item, can we go to that? temp check looks good

3) Info:

Evangelina: info seems like street team. they seem defunct. they dont want email, etc, i dont want to be responsible for them to make sure they do things.

Justin: We’re either one group or two separate groups. We were absorbed, not willingly.

Nina: it makes sense for us to be together.

Christine: info has been defunct, but lots of us want to step up. we merged, not absorbed. let people step up. evangelina, you already do a lot for com hub, other people can step up and bottomline info.

Ronny: Comhub= centralized, info/outreach decentralized, lets cover all of nyc, reach out, etc.

Josh: we need to print better info, it to be printed, etc

nina: is there a way to do this that is less structured, not a schedule, etc?

evangelina: i need to know that somebody will step up and be responsible and consistent

nina: info people were consistent about meetings, that has been lost. Thursdays at 6 works well for us, can we agree to that?

temp check looks good.

christine: lets try it the decentralized way, print stuff, put them in folders, we can make folders, people can just pick them up, keep the in the office, at churches, etc. also, can we all please get on the same list serve?

evangelina: comhub doesnt have a listserv/google group.

christine: so i’ll figure out how to do that. lets all get on the same listserv.

josh: it seems like intracomhub communication is a problem.

justin: we have a nycga site, lets use it

ronny: printing. 2k for working groups. we ask now that people send from email so we know its a working group. also, info should be really involved in making fliers. lets create content.

jake: if you do, lets put it online too.

evangelina: comhub needs to assign pointpeople and 24 hour list people. lets vote on it so its in the minutes.

Justin: i am one of the metrocard people for info.

Evangelina: me too. temp check?

looks good.

Dave, Rich, Justin= 24 hour list people.

Temp check = good.

Jake: groups formally known as info comhub and info be known as info hub?

temp check is good. passed?

evangelina is worried about whether if she answers the phone as info/comhub, does she have to know info stuff to say on the phone?

jake: you know where to direct people. thats what comhub does.

megan: i’m committing to this.  that was then, this is now. sorry there was miscommunication, we’re stepping up now.

so did the name change proposal pass?

group says yes. we are now InfoHub

james: what is the value in prioritizing info over communication in the name?

jake: there is a history of info in the park. when people want to know something, they reach out for it.

metro cards: justin, evangelina

keyholders: megan, dave.

all twinkles.

meetings: lets have one info focused and one comhub focused. some dissent, try to come to both.

nina: spokes? i go spoke for info, but we only can once a week.

Jake: lets all try to go as much as possible, and  then be empowered there.

Josh and Justin for financial point person for Info Hub
All twinkles
no need to consense for every flyer to be printed, just please email them out for the group to see

time is up, spokes happening, adjourned.

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