Meeting Minutes for 1/10/12 Accounting Open Meeting

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Accounting Open Meeting

Haywood, Ravi, Gaetano, Danielle, Jay, Janet, Chris, other people who don’t identify themselves.


Facilitation: Gaetano

Minutes: Ravi



* Janet not clear on what an agenda is. Facilitation tries to clarify that we make a list of things to talk about at the beginning of each meeting and work our way through it.


Update from Accounting

– Proposal brought to Spokes regarding discussing a budget proposal

– Recurring budgets being paid out: Medics, Clinic, Kitchen, Metrocards, Printing, Facilitation

* Janet not clear on what Kitchen is or does. Danielle explains that it is a working group that prepares and serves food for the community and our events and actions.


Banking Agenda Topic

  • Where are our bank accounts? Amalgamated Bank (Friends of Liberty Park), Lower East Side Credit union (OWS)

* Janet not clear on what stack is. Facilitation explains that we make a list of people who wish to speak so that the loudest voices don’t dominate the conversation.

  • Qtn from Janet re: PNC Bank Account; Haywood affirms that we do not have a PNC account. Suggests that perhaps AGJ was referring to another occupation
  • Alliance for Global Justice (AGJ) has sent Janet a copy of their statements; qtn from Haywood and Danielle as to whether Janet had mis-represented herself to them.
  • Signatories currently Bob Christ, Pete Dutro
  • Qtn re: publishing bank statements. Acctg clarifies that our lawyers have advised them not to publish these statements. GA can require publication and it will be put on the website.
  • Qtn re: book-keeper. Acctg is interviewing people and the candidate will be brought to GA for their approval. Acctg will not be making the decision.
  • Clarification that Janet can certainly go through the interview process but that the process must happen. She can’t just get the books otherwise.


Question re: bail. Not sure what the concern is…


Guy insists that bank statements should be published, regardless of whether GA wants it.


Calvin tries to speak to the frustration with how slow things can be in horizontal movement. It can be hard to make a decision or to know “who is in charge” when we all are. Things can be really slow…


Danielle talks about how, since the park, people’s anger at the banks seems to be turning on each other, and on the accounting group. She describes the increased transparency that they have been trying to enact through the website.


Guy starts shouting about accounting having revealed their agenda. Makes crude sexual remarks.


Facilitation tries to extend time but Janet and shouting guy not listening. Meeting time expires and meeting closes.

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  1. Sally Marks

    …and still no mention of the cash donations………It takes months to hire a ‘bookeper???…….. Now that there is a spending freeze, no ability to catch up on the entering in of reciepts……….No mention of true account balances…………Several of the key Accounting(Finance) guys still never attend the ‘public’ meetings………. But they do have time for and attend the gala affairs of the rich and famous OWS1%ers………You guys are like captians of the Cost Concordia…..