Meeting Minutes: Education Subcommittee – 10/16/11

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Education Sub-committee 10/16

Ethan: Is education for internal or external purposes?

Discussion: consensus is that it is inside

Brendan: let’s provide content and do teach-ins, then it will spread to media and beyond

Cheyenna: let’s create a popular education workshop and then provide it and materials to others—at wall street and beyond—who want to learn how to use this

How can we move this forward?

Cheyenna will find their email and ask them about getting a workshop slot, and filmed workshop.

Ethan: what is the content of this workshop or materials?

Brendan: people seem to want more in-depth information, maybe we should all be doing sector-based information?

Cheyenna: we’re not blocking anyone else form talking about their visions of alternative economics

Ethan: certain areas of the economy identified, then links to resources for each…give people a one paragraph blurb

Cheyenna: I want to make sure we’re showing the system aspects of it

Maliha: not everyone wants that macro, though

Cheyenna: I just want to make it available

Ethan: A page of resources with info, page with the concept. Will people have the attention span?

Caroline: it worked really well when the gang was mapping. People were excited.

Brendan: what would go into the packets? I’m worrying time will pass.

Caroline: people are already involved in this stuff, we need to highlight it?

Brendan: Can we put together a list of alternatives and then the gang adds/edits and includes the system stuff?

Caroline: let’s make sure we’re really inclusive about it and say that stuff is nonpartisan and we’re inclusive

Cheyenna: so we’re doing a pamphlet and a curriculum?

Group: yes, and the pamphlet can become a core part of the curriculum

Brendan: pamphlet is easy, curriculum is harder

Cheyenna: I was thinking we’d throw something together based on what Ethan has, give that a go next weekend, based on how it goes revise it and then recruit people to learn to give the teach-in, then we could have a solidarity economics workshop every day the same way facilitation does

Cheyenna: we could also send the films out to each occupation and then check them out. Credit unions were also here and could be filmed for another one.

Maliha: there’s a new version of Ethan Miller’s egg and its on pretzi. Maliha will send it to the group. Also: when I’ve done train the trainers it has been really difficult, but we’ve worked with groups that already were doing trainings so they were set up for it. How would we work with new volunteers?

Cheyenna: Yeah but facilitation is training new people all the time, and that’s working well. Maybe we can team up with them to find people to train.

Action Items:
1.     Simple brochure/flyer that will be useful for people. List of alternatives should be included…do paragraphs on consumption, production, distribution/exchange, waste, the state, commons, Compelling story of the system-wide and alternatives being listed underneath.  Cheyenna and Caroline will write something and put on googledocs for people to add/edit.
2.     Teach-in.  Caroline will ask 16 Beaver about space for Sunday. Cheyenna will get stuff from Ethan Miller. The group will review the workshop and check it out. We’ll collectively determine its content.
3.     Caroline will contact occupied wall street journal about putting the maps in.
4.     Maliha will send us the info for viewing the new version of the egg.
5.     We want to put the table back on the agenda.
6.     Cheyenna will talk to facilitation about trainers.

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